Get Your Revenge on Negan's Saviors - 3 week community event

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Work together as a community to take revenge on Negan’s Saviors and unlock prizes for all players. For the next 3 weeks, you will need to defeat Saviors in Challenge Missions to unlock exclusive prizes.

The challenge starts when the brand new challenge location, The Graveyard, unlocks at 10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT today.

Defeat 20 million Saviors, win: 2,000 Trade Goods + 5 Radio Phones
Defeat 40 million Saviors, win 3,000 Trade Goods + 10 Radio Phones
Defeat 60 million Saviors, win 5,000 Trade Goods + 15 Radio Phones + Unique Legendary Weapon

The event runs until 25th April at 10:00 EST / 16:00 UTC. Stay tuned to the game for regular updates!
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