Battery consumption, data usage, heat generation

Cbillings1985Cbillings1985 Member Posts: 61
1st-So I'm at home on WiFi now but have never gone over my data capture but this game consumes the most of all I play. Not a big deal I just get throttled to 2g.

2nd- my battery drains so fast on this game even on WiFi over 15% in 15-20 mins. I have a note 3 with a 3000mihr battery so not a small battery compared to other phones.

3rd- the heat this game generates most likely from church usage. Never had my phone get above 53° Celsius today it got to 66° Celsius with 30 mins of game play.

Anyone else see any of these things?


  • theblueboxthebluebox Member Posts: 807
    When my phone starts getting hot and draining fast like that, it usually means one of two things.

    1) It needs a restart to clear temporary memory OR

    2) The battery is reaching the end of its useful life. I notice that you have a Note 3. Since they are making Note 6s now, that tells me the phone is a few years old. Most rechargeable batteries only have a 3 year useful life. I use my phone so much that I have to replace the battery about every 2 years (If I don't upgrade). Check the battery. Overheating can cause the battery to swell. When that happens, it no longer makes a clean connection (so, a full battery can read as low) and needs replacing (and, at that point, lithium ion batteries become a risk for exploding as well).
  • Cbillings1985Cbillings1985 Member Posts: 61
    Ya I forced closed all apps and restarted the phone and started the game up after it cooled down and it persisted. And yes the note 3 is old and the original battery. Just odd this is the only app I run that causes this making me think it could also be a game/development issue.

    I mess with my phones running note 5 custom software and kernel right now. I've been meaning to buy a zero lemon battery since I'm a heavy user as well. Downloaded "repair battery life" app to test the battery cells. 5 showed low but battery % was at 6% when ran it so not sure what to think on that.
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