PSA: Revised: Factory challenge has two deadly challenges. (4/11/16)



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    Fwiw I don't have deadlies on my alt
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    shabba said:

    Just wondering, if it is client side, would it help deinstalling the game and reinstalling?

    That didn't work.
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    Great opportunities : some have 2 deadly missions, some have one and some have not deadly missions.
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    bobbymeru said:

    I'm only showing one deadly in this new challenge...

    My screen looks like that too but the lower left challenge is also deadly for me.

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    zbot said:

    @hANNIBAL, @bobbymeru, @zoson, sorry for your and your guild member's loss.

    Next time you see anything that says deadly, assume it's deadly. You can check on the lower recommended level of the mission when you try to flee, it will tell you that you will lose a survivor (die) instead of heavy damage (non deadly).

    Wait. Wait. Just wait. So this part is accurate? Unlike other things we have been told? :) (Sorry, I just could not resist. I apologize. I am now giving myself a time out and sitting in the corner. 5 minutes good?)
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    And now Factory has 2 deadly maps.


    NG was supposed to subtract 1 deadly but they added 1 deadly instead.

    It was two deadlies before. They just dropped a non-deadly and moved the second to the front
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    No more deadly challenges per NG devs.

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