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I wanted to get a bonus star and I don't know how to get out of there.
Any suggestions? Thank you!

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    Looks like Luis may be in the way? Anyway Luis is charged. Looks like Nora and Justin can knock out the walkers, hard to see how many to the left. If many, use Nora's charge ability of two attacks, knock out some in front then move to care side, move justin there so they are both out of way of walkers, but close enough to push the car next turn. Next turn use Luis charged, first attack and clear the walkers that are coming out there, second move him away from the front of the car. Then justin or nora pushes car. Continue to left side of screen to clear walkers out and push other car into place. You will need to use same technique, clear walkers one attack, then move out of the way
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    You need to use your extra attacks to clear the area in front of the car. First strike to kill the walkers and second action to step back out of the area in front of the car. After that push the car with another survivor. <> Would not use this mission for this quest either way.
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    I used the charge ability with success, it took me few minutes though:)
    Thank you anyway guys!

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    I inadvertently used this map while doing the all scout quest. The only way to do it is to place scout#1 at the top edge of the map by the cars left headlight and scout #2 in front of that right headlight. Now only 1 zombie can spawn in front of the car and they can move out of the way of the car and kill the zombie, then scout #3 pushes it
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    We talked about this issue the last time this challenge was done - mod please combine thread so it's easier for people to get info.

    May want to make a Challenge event sub category for each of the challanges to make it easier for people to find threads and info
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    Hehe I had the same issue today. Block way then use double attack. One for kill another for move. Job done.
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    In case someone else has the three warrior issue come up

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    Yes, Luis is in the way. The four squares in front of the car plus the one where Luis is standing must be clear before it will let you push the car.
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