Best strategy for lower levels

Some background:
I'm level 17.5 right now, upgrading my council to level 8 as we speak. I'm in the middle of Episode 6 and I'm mainly using 2 hunters and a shooter (all level 7) as my main team. (and i haven't unlocked the assault riflers yet)
Every single gold bar that I've recieved so far, I've spent towards survivor slots.

So i have two strategy questions:
1. I have 30 radio calls, but I figured I should probably wait to use them for after I unlock the assault riflers?
2. I have 17k crates. I've heard that some just get the 500 cost one over and over again. But should I wait until i unlock assault riflers?
3. I feel like i'm missing something...cause my progression rate seems extremely slow <.< I've been playing for a bit over a week now.

Thanks guys


  • LedfutLedfut Member Posts: 17
    I would consider saving your radios until one of the events where the chances increase to get a legendary. 30 radios is only two legendary calls in any case. For me, the crates are a coin flip. What you get can help you get to the next level, but not much beyond that.

    In the beginning, I focused on survivors and the camp. It is a relatively slow game to progress, but hopefully the the double XP event this weekend will help you.
  • nadecirnadecir Member Posts: 271

    1. I'd wait to use the radio calls until I couldn't progress any more with your existing survivors. If you can wait until you unlock the Assault class, that would be great. If you can wait until one of the regular "increased Legendary/Epic weekends."
    2. I'd probably buy the 500TG gold crates with my 17KTG, hoping to get both decent weapons/armor and supplies/XP.
    3. You are making good progress. Enjoy the journey, and don't worry about trying to get to the highest levels in a short period of time.
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,071
    Good job @teewizz. My suggestion would be don't waste any hard earned XP on a scout or bruiser, both of which are much less useful at the mid-higher levels. The hunter, warrior and shooter will be your first line of attack. The assault will fall in the middle. I do 95% of my missions with three level 17 hunters. Massive amounts of death from a safe distance and you get an extra move toward your target that causes no walker retaliation. If I need to get in close, a warrior with a weapon that includes gold spread is the way to go. Most of all, just enjoy the journey and have fun!
  • piffolomaniapiffolomania Member Posts: 145
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    I am just going to fire off some tips. Progress in this game is slow for anyone who doesn't spend ridiculous real life money as all upgrades later in game take 24 hours+ and that's a build clock not including time to procure the resources.

    - I recommend playing in cycles based around the survivor weekends. So yes hoard the radios.
    - If you hit a plateau upgraded gear can help you get through when you are off level. Otherwise try not to upgrade gear often as you get 0 return on xp for it. I repeat 0.
    - Buying extra survivor slots with gold is smart, you can use survivors as a store for xp because you do get a return upon retiring and it never hurts to have back ups.
    - You can hold up to 140 items in your inventory as well. It's always good to have that full if you know you are going to have an upgrade on training grounds soon or a lot of new survivors incoming. Also if they ever have 3x xp again.
    - Hunter/shooter/warrior are pretty much the best all around classes, for shooter the first shot is always a critical.
    - Give high priority to council/training grounds as the soup farming mission levels are directly related to your survivor levels given that you have progressed far enough in campaign.
    - Radio tower should be upgraded to max when survivor weekend rolls around so don't let it fall very far behind.
    - Don't upgrade farm past level 7 the returns are garbage, before 7 the upgrade pays for itself quick enough
    - You can find survivors to recruit in certain missions there is a no mans land wiki. I'm just not sure I'm allowed to post links.
    - I roll for gas and phones so I do 200tg silver crates gold is 500tg for 8 gas silver is 4 gas.

    This is just how I play, to each their own. If you really can't wait on the radios get the tower up roll single radios and play with common survivors. Hope it helps, find the wiki

    Also if you haven't already join an active guild asap.
  • teewizzteewizz Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for all the helpful advice!
    Yea I joined a guild on like the first day...maybe thats why I have so many TG.

    If I buy the 500TG gold, does the reward scale down because of my level? If so, I should wait until max level right?

    @nadecir During the "increase Legendary/Epic weekends" is it wiser to use the 1 cost radio call?
    @NCDawgFan Yea, I'm loving the hunters. I feel like they're the most bang for the buck so far
    @piffolomania Lots of helpful tips!
    -I had no idea that the first shot from shooter was always a critical.
    -And Yea, I've been keeping radio tower upgraded to max cause i recognize when I do use those radio calls, it would be most beneficial if that was maxed.
    -I read somewhere that the farm past 7 has been patched and its good to upgrade anymore, but that may have just been one person's ignorant opinion
    -I've gotten a few legendary items, but they're kind of low level. Should I upgrade those? or does it depend on the item type since some cap at a low level?

    thanks errbody!
  • joannecmsjoannecms Member Posts: 1
    I have been having a lot of trouble with Lakeside part 4!! I guess I'm not sure of my strategy, which is rifle, pistol and knife!! Anyone have advice?
  • piffolomaniapiffolomania Member Posts: 145
    Hey, glad you found the tips helpful.
    -for epic survivor weekend 15 calls are optimal
    -they did patch the farms, I just do (cost - 24xhourly increase) level 8 takes 40+ days to pay for itself so I put it on the back burner
    -As for the legendary gear etc. I'd only upgrade the gear when my survivors level is maxed and I'm waiting on survivor events. That is only so that I can play above my max survivor level. As an example if your highest survivor level is 9 and they are maxed you can upgrade the gear that is starting level 9 to level 12 if legendary. That will allow you play well above your max level of 9 while you wait for a fresh batch of recruits. This works doubly because if you've hit your max training levels you probably have your xp storage full and the new gains would be wasted anyways.
    -I just try and make an educated guess when the event will be and decide from there. If your having a lot of resource shortages I might do single calls just to get higher level survivors for the increases in soup exploration missions.

    Good luck out there,
  • GonkistanGonkistan Member Posts: 166

    - If you hit a plateau upgraded gear can help you get through when you are off level. Otherwise try not to upgrade gear often as you get 0 return on xp for it. I repeat 0.

    How to work out to upgrade an item?

    If something is level 8, and does the same damage as a level 11 item, then upgrade it.
    Otherwise, keep it vanilla, and toss it ASAP.

    Only upgrade if it has 3x upgrade slots.

    Ideally, only upgrade if the lowest upgrade is "the right one":
    Range for pistol
    Arc for warrior/assault rifle
    Calibre for Hunter
    Stun duration for Bruiser
    (I forget for scout)

    For Armour.... take your pick. But if it isn't at least as protective as armour 3 base levels higher, don't upgrade it.
  • GonkistanGonkistan Member Posts: 166
    And seeing as this is a post to a newbie,
    1. there is an item cap of 140. Be warned.
    2. to help keep you away from that cap. If you get a junk item, you can scrap it straight from the "open the crate" screen by looking at the properties adnt ehre is the scrap button. More XP, less crap to sort through later.
  • mcbkhicksmcbkhicks Member Posts: 686
    i always uprade lvl 1 items just for some extra xp it only takes 10sec to up grade & if item cost 70 to upgrade ull make 50 a lil more depending on the gear but as long as its a lvl 1 ull make some xtra xp doin this ive been doin it since rite after i started playin any way to get xp is good since its hard to come by
  • piffolomaniapiffolomania Member Posts: 145
    @AysatyoPet Agreed with the traits list. Interrupt is really good for pvp ie outpost. Since links are a go here's that wiki
    you can consult that wiki to get info on upcoming costs etc. In another section it specifies where and what survivors the game will give for free.

    I suspect the survivor weekend will be either this weekend or next. It appears to fall around the same time each month.
  • teewizzteewizz Member Posts: 5
    @Gonkistan Wow, i haven't even really paid much attention to the extra perks of each gear, thanks for bringing my attention to it!
    @AysatyoPet And thanks for the link! that was very helpful.
    One question about scrapping equips that i may have misunderstood: Consider this example:
    I've got a level 7 Shooter and am deciding between these equips:

    lvl 4 (maxed)
    bronze health boost
    silver iron skin
    silver dodge

    lvl 7
    bronze wrestler (at lvl 8)
    bronze dodge (at lvl 9)

    lvl 6
    bronze iron skin(at lvl 7)
    silver healing(lvl 8)
    silver wrestler(lvl 9)

    1. Seems like the lvl 4 equip gets me the gear perks I need, but not the protection stats that I want. Do you disregard level/stats?
    2. Is there a way to know what the max level of a weapon/gear is going to be without maxing it first?

    Also Zoson's Equip guide which you mentioned, was insightful as well :D

    Yea, i'm at 40 calls now and 30k TG. I've discovered level 7.4, so i'm milking it for XP farming as much as I can.
    3. Is it true that if you don't raid other people's Outpost, you won't ever get raided? (i haven't been raiding at all because of this)

    Thanks guys!
  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
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    1. dodge is a very important trait to have but remember that it doesn't always activate.. So better choose a gear with dodge trait and higher level so that even if the dodge don't activate, you still got lots of hp from a high level gear.
    2. for stats of equipment, refer to the wiki..
    3. you only cannot be raided if you haven't managed to create your outpost layout..

  • teewizzteewizz Member Posts: 5
    I dont see any info on max level of each equip on either of the two wikis i found.

    Ive noticed that sometimes the required level of the final achievable perk is the max level of the equip. Is this true for all equips?
  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    Yes. The last trait's required level is the max level of that equipment. It is true for all equipment..

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