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MirzaMirza Member Posts: 133
What do you think... what else could we add to the guild except promoting our members. Maybe some higher rank title than Elder? I am a leader of ZombieShot guild and would like to be able to do more. Maybe sharing the gold with your members or is it too much? All suggestions welcome :)


  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    Co-leaders.. hope yoi could promote an elder to co-leader.. but the big question is 'what are the perks of being a co-leader?' Since pvp or guild vs guild is not yet introduced, there's nothing much to do but promote or kick a member..

  • MirzaMirza Member Posts: 133
    Yes, some good ideas there. I think they could really improve this part of the game and guild generally.
  • ConnConn Member Posts: 138
    Doesn't matter which post, i just 100% agree with @WastelandDan and his suggestions all the time.
    Unless he says SOCO is number 1, thats still left to be decided :D
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  • rayray Member Posts: 111

    The ability to transfer leadership without disbanding the guild.

    The ability to send a direct message to players applying to get into the guild. When you don't recognize said player from recruiting, it would be nice to have a method for interacting with them rather than just rejecting them.

    They need to introduce both of these ideas, I had a coward leader who just decided he couldn't be bothered and it left 19 others without a guild.
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