Deadly challenge mission is NOT deadly for me

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I read everywhere about two deadly missions in the current challenge, but I only have one! The Kill Room is not deadly for me. Others have better chances to lose their survivors than me! This is unfair, please fix!

And now seriously: This is not photoshopped, I can take a video. It is indeed unfair if some players can push this mission more.


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    I just saw an in-game notification saying "some players still have deadly missions" and that they are consider it a bug they're investigating. It made me laugh. :-)

    Programs are by design following a path of logic. I can't even imagine how they've designed the backend and forgot to control all the variables they put in. It's actually difficult to make programs act randomly, yet they manage without noticing until now!?
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    @TheMurphy No, the Factory episode is still locked for this account.
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    Thanks for these posts @woodstock and @JAG !!!
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    TheMurphy said:

    woodstock said:

    @TheMurphy No, the Factory episode is still locked for this account.

    this is why some players have only 1 or not at all, dedly missions.
    If it was that predictable they could have marked it "a feature to give the more advanced players more of a challenge" and explained the rules. This game isn't about fairness in the weekly challenge anyway, it's about NG making rules and a game that follows those rules.

    In my case however @TheMurphy I have two deadly but have still The Factory locked. I'm on Ep10. But I did play the Factory Challenge before (has been active only once before I think?). That might be part of the explanation too.
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    @TheMurphy I know several players with locked Factory episode who still have two deadly missions in the challenge. So JAG's explanation is more reasonable as my account play Factory challenge for the first time.
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