Only bodyshots against level 21 walkers and saviors


My hunters and shooters only get bodyshots against level 21 (and higher) walkers and saviors. I played many challenge missions and it happened in all of them. My survivors are level 17 with level 20 weapons, they can kill level 20 walkers with one shot and level 20 saviors with two shots. But as soon as they are level 21 and up, each and every regular shot is a bodyshot, no exception. The "bodyshot" message also appears all the time for each hit. So it takes typically three shots to kill a level 21 walker and six shots for a level 21 savior. Please fix.


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    Bodyshot probability will increase when walkers or saviours level are +3 of your survivors.
    With lvl +4, most(if not all) attacks will be bodyshots...
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    Thanks, I was already worried that it might be a "feature" instead of a bug. But if this really is the correct explanation, it is not reasonable nor fair at all.

    Not resonable, because the bodyshot probabilty should intuitively be constant as the aiming skills of the shooters and hunters should not depend on the target level.

    And not fair, because the walkers are more difficult to kill anyway with their increasing levels and health points. Even with constant bodyshot probability it would take double the shots to kill +3 or +4 walkers. With the current system the danger increases exponentially, so it is not predictable and potentially fatal while farming increasing walker levels in deadly exploration missions. One of my guild members just lost three survivors recently due to this.


    Doesn't matter if bug or feature, please remove the level dependency of the bodyshot probability. If it depends on anything, it should be only the distance to the target and the blood alcohol level. :smile:
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    @eetu Thank you!
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    "Body Shot" may just be a label used when you fail to inflict enough damage to kill the enemy.
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    "Body Shot" may just be a label used when you fail to inflict enough damage to kill the enemy.

    That would make some sense, except I'm pretty sure that "bodyshots" inflict a lower level of damage than what a weapon usually does. So a higher chance of a bodyshot plus lower damage inflicted really makes killing higher level walkers tough.
  • ggbatsggbats Member Posts: 210 makes perfect sense if it is designed that +3 and +4 walkers will result in bodyshots, no matter skill and gear. What dosent make sense is farming deadly missions.
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    You ever notice in the tv show how it seems like every main character is a crack shot? Perfect head hits every time :D even in the early shows. Maybe a Trait for named Characters if we get them in the future. @eetu Like Wild Gunman

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