What percentage of your crew is legendary?

Sipher07Sipher07 Member Posts: 591
Legendary seems so much more rare than epic, almost a different quantum. would you keep a lower level legendary with unlocked traits or a higher level survivor with locked traits?

What percentage of your crew is legendary? 117 votes

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Over 50%
Putchucogabriel_lwhKaelNoggerJippelCmlJennyJohnbertDERRICKAvalon8IllbrainerPimpOfTheDeadthatdamngoodcire777OpieN98Melfman1Mate 15 votes


  • lmfgunnutlmfgunnut Member Posts: 1,636
    8 of 23 so 35%. I have semi-retired my capped 16 legendary shooter to my outpost in favor of a 17/18 shooter for missions (250 point attack difference) though shooters don't play a big role in most of my mission play.
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  • PerdtinPerdtin Member Posts: 783
    Most of my survivors max out at 17, some at 18. I have one Epic and Legendary Scout that max at 19 (yeah, great ;) ) and same for Shooters. As to which to keep, I would try to keep both. I have a Legendary Max 17 Hunter, fully unlocked and good traits. Same with Epic Max 15 & 16 Warriors with good traits, though the 15 is a bit long in the tooth.
  • PhilJPhilJ Member Posts: 98
    Five out of 21 = 24% legends.
    13 epic 63%
    Two three star 9.5%
    I use three star worrior with retaliate over epic without.
  • gabriel_lwhgabriel_lwh Member Posts: 454
    Over 50%
    10 out of 18 = 55.6% Legendary survivors
    5 out of 18 = 27.8% Epic survivors
    3 out of 18 = 16.7% Common survivors

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  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    5 out of 16 for me, all level 17's. Two are scouts which I find useless (both currently live in my Outpost). One is an assault who I use a lot on farming missions and early challenge rounds to thin out the herd. One shooter who gets used on some occasions to kill the fatties. I do use my new Legendary hunter a lot. She and her two Epic hunter pals make up my team about 80% of the time. It doesn't add a great deal to their base levels being a 5 star versus a 4 star, so I will use an Epic with great traits over a Legendary in a minute.
  • SlickRickSlickRick Posts: 2,731
    10 out of 26 for me...I had to get out a darn calculator to figure that one out lol (1 assault, 3 scouts, 1 warrior, 1 bruiser, 2 hunters, and 2 shooters)
    The other 16 of the 26 are epic
    All are at level 17 currently...8 will max at 19, 11 will max at 18, and 7 are maxed at 17

    Whew! I just feel like I did taxes!!
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  • OneLessTitanOneLessTitan Member Posts: 1,273
    5 of my 15 are Legendary. My best 3 are a Hunter, Assault, & Warrior that are 17/19, one is a Scout at 17/18, and the 5th is a 12/12 Hunter that I hold on to for nostalgic purposes.

    The other 10 are Epics.

    Sadly, I lost my other 17/19 Legendary Hunter in the non-deadly/deadly challenges that I overlooked and after some odd disconnect error where I reconnected back to a survivor in a struggle (the 2nd survivor I've lost that way). She was my favorite, and the tragedy of her loss still haunts me. Not only did she have killer traits, she looked pretty cool too. I was compensated for her loss, but even a hefty compensation doesn't ease the pain.
  • PhilJPhilJ Member Posts: 98
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    Taxes? Thought I saw your name in the pamama papers.
  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    4/17 which I figured would be about the norm.
    But then again, law of averages says that the longer you play, the more you'll have.
    With that in mind, I've been playing for about 6 months (I think).
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  • IllbrainerIllbrainer Member Posts: 464
    Over 50%
    6 of 11 are legendaries. (No calculator needed) got rid of some low Level survs a few days ago cause I think I would not have upgraded them before next council update and I needed the xp.
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  • PimpOfTheDeadPimpOfTheDead Member Posts: 654
    Over 50%
    Have 11 out of 19 legendary other 8 are epic & at least 3 of each type so far but 23 slots, retired a few that don't go higher then 17 for XP, but really only need 18 survivors total lol
  • PimpOfTheDeadPimpOfTheDead Member Posts: 654
    Over 50%
    Have over 720 radios waiting on another radio event after update though lol
  • Fester17Fester17 Member Posts: 682
    2 out of 11, but I also have 8 epics (and one uncommon).
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  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    3 of 20 (2 Warriors, Bruiser)
    other 85% Epics
    Love the second gold trait of legendaries. Too bad won't get to unlock those lvl 18 traits for awhile
  • TheLostOnesTheLostOnes Member Posts: 3,032
    I have 5 out of 13 legend but two are almost obsolete at 15/15. I will probably keep them for a bit for outpost/sentimental reasons. Then I have 5 epic and 3 that are common or uncommon.
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  • sligoemsligoem Member Posts: 330
    2of15 (13%), 1 warrior+1 scout. Had a hunter and another warrior, but outgrew them so they were retired. Most of my survivors are epic and rare, have found it not worthwhile to spend resources on uncommon/common. Jealous of those with high percentage of leg, I must have bad radio call luck!
  • DocSchneiderDocSchneider Member Posts: 2
  • whaler213whaler213 Member Posts: 81
    @blynknz i feel your pain only 1 for me and its a bruiser so its only ever in my secondary lineup if one of my mains are healing.
  • JohnbertJohnbert Member Posts: 192
    Over 50%
    right now 9 survivors, 6 legendary, 3 epic.
  • MissSFXMissSFX Member Posts: 177
    0 of 20! So I'm not impressed
  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    Although Im happy to wait. I would rather not pull a 6/16 Leg, but wait till Im maxed out and pull a 9/19 leg
  • AzBewbsAzBewbs Member Posts: 159
    Fairly new and have not used a ton of radios. Currently level 29 with 150 saved for an event. Breakdown below.
    1 legend hunter 11/16
    6 Epics
    5 Rare
    4 Uncommon.
  • ChilidawgChilidawg Member Posts: 58
    I have no Legendarys :( level 37 player
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    I keep anyone with desirable traits. Because of this, I'm at 25/26 survivors/slots. I have 7 Legendaries. The other 18 are all epic. The game rewards you heavily for using fully maxed out level survivors, so I have a bunch of guys that are for the 'future' and I level them up once the level cap is raised.

    That said, I do also keep older underleveled survivors. I have a level 15/15 legendary hunter, a level 15/15 legendary assault, and a 16/16 legendary bruiser. I also a level 16/16 epic warrior that I keep around because he has silver dodge, silver retaliate, and gold luck.

    I WILL eventually retire epics as I find suitable maxed out higher level survivors to fill their shoes. These guys are a great source of XP for leveling up a new survivor.
  • misfit44misfit44 Member Posts: 484
    Im actually over 10% , i have 3 legends out of 21 survivors. I forgot about my old lvl 13 scout when i was voting lol. But i dont have any legends i use all that often , 2 bruisers and low lvl scout
  • misfit44misfit44 Member Posts: 484
    I know there are players that dont want the increased epic/legend again so soon , but i need it! Id punch a virtual baby for a lvl 18 legend assualt , hunter or warrior!
  • SerpSerp Member Posts: 620
  • SquidInkwellSquidInkwell Member Posts: 9
    0% right now but I have 300 radios for the next event
  • Sipher07Sipher07 Member Posts: 591
    Who has the most badass legendary assault or warrior?
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