Wishlist (for Xmas... and beyond)

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Thought I listed a couple of things that I would love to see.
And as the developers seem to care what we have to say... :smiley:
So, first off: thanks for listening to us, the forum, everyone, and double thanks for your continuous enhancements to the game!
The topics are numbered to keep it a little organized, but the numbers do not necessarily reflect priorities, more a 'brain dump' from my side.

1) Leaderboards
I believe NG is well aware of this topic, so I'll keep it short.
I would suggest the following:
- keep the leaderboards together, ie ONE button, include the 'weekly challenge' and its leaderboard
- two types of leaderboard: guild and single player
- both Guild and single-player leaderboards can switched to of three views:
- -- All-time
- -- Rolling two week (meaning this challenge + last challenge)
- -- current challenge
To save some space on the menu I would drop the two icons for Survivors+Weapons, since they can be directly accessed from the camp.

2) Reconnection
NML is my only game that requires extensive 'reload/reconnection' whenever I switch back to the app.
I would really love it, when this wouldn't take any time after initial startup, ie keep all necessary stuff in-memory.
Yes, memory should be freed after many other apps have been used, but since gas is in short supply, one has to 'check back' with the many times during the day. And each app switch takes at least 10 seconds, adds up quickly over the day.

3) Zoom into camp
Maybe this is only an iPad problem, but after 1000+ times entering the game and having to adjust the zoom of the camp, it does get quite tiresome. I don't see the issue on the iPhone, so it might just be the extra 'real estate' on a tablet.
Suggestion: Default - zoom all the way out and move to the right so that all incoming walkers can be immediately seen and hit.
It seems like a little thing, but after many, many times little things become bigger things...

4) Gas and 'wait-to-play'
This topic is already being discussed at length in another thread. Just my 2c on the issue: Sometimes, would really like to play for a continued time period, not just 5-10 minutes until the gas runs out again. I would even consider paying for gas, but not the extremely high rates at current, not by a long shot.
I really like the suggestion someone made in the other thread where the players could pay for an increased 'gas tank', say €2.99 for an additional 15 or 20 gas, permanently. This would allow people that have to work, go to school, are traveling to save up some gas, without the constant need to check the game status every 1-2 hours.

5) 'Fiddling' with the game's parameters
I can only imagine how tempting it must be not to 'finetune' the game's parameters on a daily basis. And by parameters I mean 'drop rate of phones', 'dopr rate of survivors', etc pp.
I guess most of us noticed that with the increased drop rates of legendary/epic survivors during the last weekend (which you announced, thx!), you also limited the drop rate of phone, un-announced, not nice. This is also not a major deal, or even dealbreaker, but players get used to a game's parameters and it is really confusing when they get changed without a note. It makes the game and any 'random' outcome totally arbitrary.
So, long story short, pls announce any changes you will do.

6) Balance free-to-play vs 'hardcore players'
I take that the limitation to only one more lvl for the council in version 1.4 is meant to be as a 'limiter' to keep the playing field somewhat together. Without this (and without the extended wait period to build beyond lvl 35) the gap between free-to-play and 'hardcore players' would become huge, rather quickly.
Unfortunately, as a result I for one stopped buying gold or bundles (which I did before). Simple reason: there is no need to build faster as I can build out everything easily before the next update comes in. I don't think that's in your best interest. Why would someone buy gold at the moment? To rush an update? To upgrade a farm faster? I don't see it. So, this may sound silly, but give us a (good) reason to buy a bundle every now and then, and we will.

7) Swapping weapons and armor between survivors
I can't believe anyone has ever complained about this, it drives me mad to constantly do a 'three-way swap' when I want to swap gear between survivors. Simple solution: give me ALL weapons and gear to select from when I equip a survivor, no matter if it is used or not. When I select gear that is currently in use, simply swap the two. Give it a little message informing me that I'm about to swap between two survivors. BAM, easy.
At the moment I keep a stack of lvl 1 armor and gear (for EVERY fighter class!) just to be able to always swap some gear. That is 12 gear I don't really need.

8) 'World map'
Scrolling or generally navigating in the world map should be simplified. We have Challenge and Theater on the left and the episodes you can play all the way on the right, why? We have to scroll over the 'completed' episodes all the time... Me no likey... :tongue:

9) Cost up weapon/survivor upgrade
I would like to see how much an upgrade will cost me, even when there is an upgrade underway.
Yes, I know I cannot perform two upgrades at the same time, so simply show me the cost and grey it out so I know that I can't do it.
It is done already when the cost of the upgrade is too high for my savings, why not display it similar with ongoing upgrades?

10) Replay old episodes
I love replaying the old episodes, great job on version 1.4!
Please extend this further, possibly with higher difficulty, deadly, as 'never-ending' story ('how far can I go before my team is obliterated').

11) Continued upgrading
I am getting the feeling NG is planning release a new version every month, call me crazy... :tongue:
Why not make it known to the players? Yes, I know, you can't promise something like this, or people keep bugging you like it happened on the release date for version 1.4... :smiley:

If you've made it all the way to the end of my list, thx much for your interest! Looking forward to some constructive criticism and open exchange.
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    Nothing? Too little, too much, all included in 1.5... ?
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    I pretty much agree with all points here, and thank you for posting this. Bump so that it is read by more.
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    Oh, almost forgot one:

    12) PLEASE do not auto-focus the next survivor into the middle of the screen!
    Especially NOT when I have my finger already on the screen and I'm about to make a fabulous move (well, sometimes... :tongue: ) or send him/her into certain doom because of the screen jump.
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    Oh, and another one:

    13) 'Friends' in Leaderboard
    Who are those friends, how can we add people here? Is this Facebook-friends, Game Center friends, in-game friends, ... ? Would be a nice feature, if we would only know how to use it.
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    Everything is OK, except (4) & (6). It will bring a huge imbalance to the game. For example, a free-2-play-guild making cool progress in the weekly challenge and just for free. And suddenly a payed guild with 45-50 gas for each player overruns a poor free-2-play-guild...

    If so, the devs should pull out another version of the game that will cost a couple of dozen dollars, where the player can buy everything:
    1. Want a legendary? - OK! Just pay for it!
    2. Want some additional gas - No problem, here you are, just several bucks!
    3. Want to resurrect killed survivor? - some bucks and he is alive again!
    4. etc.
    So that all players in the game operate in one condition. Everybody pays.

    Current state of donate system is fair enough not to touch it and leave it as is. With gold you can save time upgrading/building or buy some cosmetics. Every other aspect of the game should be fair regarding the players who can't pay money. The system "free-2-play" should not upgrade to system "pay-2-win".

    Best regards,
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    How about a "daily log-in bonus".. it woild be cool if we can have something for logging in. It could be xp, food, gold, radios, survivor slot, etc. And it was set for 30 days.. on the 30th, a random gold weapon..
  • facemanakfacemanak Member Posts: 117

    How about a "daily log-in bonus".. it woild be cool if we can have something for logging in. It could be xp, food, gold, radios, survivor slot, etc. And it was set for 30 days.. on the 30th, a random gold weapon..

    Very good idea!
    Best regards,
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    @facemanak , I don't exactly see how you went from the suggestions to a 'money-throwing-and-obviously-undeserving-guild-overtaking-poor-free-to-play-guilds'.

    I do agree without hesitation that it would break the game and the support of many players, if one were to simply buy 'stuff'. 'Road to safety', the other TWD game is going down this road right now, and they might be going off the deep end.

    However, I do not subscribe to the idea that players who pay for bundles are worse than 'freebies', and should be punished or exiled into a separate app. Let's not forget NG has to pay their team and the continued development of the game. This does not come only from letting the players watch a few videos in the game.

    All I'm saying to strike a balance, however difficult to find, between free and paying for gold bundles. At the moment, and this might just me talking, I do not see any benefit in paying for bundles. I did before, they helped me a little to move things a bit faster. Now I stopped. I can't be the only one. Bottom line: this might hurt the further enhancement of the game.
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    Love the idea of a daily log in bonus ...
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    3. How about remembering our previous zoom/location of the camp? I really don't think this is too much to ask. Also how about being able to zoom out far enough to see the entire camp/wall without having to move the screen at all?

    4. I think it's a better proposition to halve the wait for gas and halve the rewards.

    I don't agree with 6.
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    @zoson , what exactly do you not agree with on #6 ?

    I agree with your proposal for a 'saved' zoom/pan of your camp. Once set it stays that way until you change it. Especially since we can move the stuff within the camp around as we pls we might as well decide on the view on it.
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    I think the point facemanak was trying to make - and not well :wink: was that if you lower the price of Gas then paying players will spend much more Gas on events outstripping the free players. The size of the reserve wouldn't matter much because each Gas costs the same and they could just as easily refill several times as opposed to once. This is why I proposed another type of energy, so that events would take one kind and regular missions another, so there could be a reduction in the mission energy cost and players could get more play time in without affecting event play.
    Quite frankly the game needs a pay system to get the proposed suggestions and content put in place - no one likes working for free.

    #5 yes seem to be getting more radios, and gas then during the "event" noticed the downgrade of drops almost immediately.
    #9 was going on the Wikia but people no likey....Or at least 2....
    #10 more replay - don't need to give out the extra survivors but let us keep replaying levels and give us the extra missions for farming(replaying) like you do on normal mode ie the Exp, Supply and Deadly (would be nice on hard)
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    14) Improved chat
    I would love to see the following improvements on the chat:
    - more stable, it is a 70:30 chance that my msgs actually make it to the chat
    - copy/paste into the chat
    - post links
    - post pictures, at least links to pictures
    - possibly a bit more space per post, the current limit is a bit short

    And while we're at it:
    15) Personal and team messages
    - send/receive msgs from teammates

    16) team internal 'message board'
    - post internal msg, motto goals, etc
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    OK, my Xmas presents didn't contain any of the above, but I am willing to give it an extension... :smiley:

    So, I'm going to take the liberty to suggest a few things that I would really, really like to see, as I firmly believe we - the players - should put forward creative ideas and constructive criticism.

    17) Delay any extension to the game in favor of fixing/adding the other topics.
    I really do not need 'outposts' if none of the other things are addressed.

    18) More open discussion between NG and the player community
    What do you have to loose by getting immediate feedback, no whining/complaing, but constructive feedback from this forum.
    This connects directly to (5) 'Fiddling with game parameters'.
    As tempting as this might be, pls refrain from removing any features, or make it more difficult. ADDING features, INCREASING game play and strategy should be the goals.
    Yes, it makes no sense to have exploits with 3x Bruisrs being able to run from lvl 100+ walkers, but the changes to prevent this should not limit the game play for ALL other players and all challenging missions.

    19) Rebalance Melee vs Ranged survivors
    At the moment the game has become less of a strategic game, as 2x Hunter and a Shooter can solve pretty much any mission a player can do (within his limits of survivor lvl and weapons/armor). I firmly believe that a LOT of the players would like to see the melee survivors to be strengthened so that there is a meaning to the word 'strategy game'.
    - Burning walkers: should best be approached by ranged teams
    - the recent 'body shot' reduction of the Bruiser's stun feature
    - ranged damage pretty much the same as melee damage
    All of these (and more) contribte to the general impression that we should limit ourselves to Hunters and Shooters.

    I'm sure that even if not all players agree with all my points, they would still all like to participate in making this game great again.
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    20) PvP - this will best Xmas present. I`m sure that mode will change the leaderboard positions
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    NG has changed many of these! Closing this thread.

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