Been Push Aside

blaher86blaher86 Member Posts: 71
I reported this glitch previously and did it on support ticket, but no one answer or fix it...need.a.little help here bc I see alot of funny glitch on my character screen....unless this thread is going to be moved again by moderator


  • blaher86blaher86 Member Posts: 71
    I guess I finally got real.talking, moving, and shootingredients zombies
  • DIblisDIblis Member Posts: 729
    Have had similar issues, i atleast get cut and paste answers... eventually. (Never uses my name, not actually mentioning the issue in question, an investigation has been carried out but no details given, same old check your resources etc, thanks but sorry for the inconvenience)
    What type of device are you using?
    If they do answer theyll blame that.
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  • blaher86blaher86 Member Posts: 71
    Thank you for responding....NG hasn't responded to my request...all my other gaminguys, video, and picture are in great condition. The only thing is the TWD game
  • blaher86blaher86 Member Posts: 71
    I have the Samsung s6 edge...I went through the link provided but I still don't see a way to fix it
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