Sleep deprivation leads to inaccurate counting....Ignore this thread.

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In the Facebook poll, we were asked which challenge we wanted this week. The first option was Hilltop with 5 Saviors. The second was Factory with 12. We chose Factory. Well, I counted the saviors. There are two missions with Saviors. Both each have 3. That's 6 Saviors. So, where are the other 6?

When we first saw this challenge there were SEVEN missions. Two of them were deadly. On repeat, it has only had six missions with one deadly (now normal). They took out a mission that was in a long room that had both walkers and Saviors. I think our missing Saviors are in the mission they deleted.

BOOO! There is no way for us to reach the 60 million mark when they give us challenges that have less than 10 Saviors to kill throughout. Since they didn't remove the deadlies when they said they were going to and lied to us about the number of Saviors available to kill on this one, they should give us the 60 Million community challenge reward whether we reach that mark or not (I really don't see us getting 11 million Savior kills when we only have 6 each round to kill). Once again, NG has screwed us over royally.


  • theblueboxthebluebox Member Posts: 807
    Also, when they announce the Community Challenge, it was worded in a way that my entire guild thought it was a tiered challenge with rewards at the 20, 40, and 60 million mark. After we hit the 20 million mark, no one got a reward. So, I come here to find out that we players "misunderstood" the challenge. We get 1 reward at the end of the three weeks (so, when this challenge ends) based on how many we kill.

    This is not the first time an NG release was worded poorly to cause misunderstandings with the players. I understand that they are in Finland and may not be native English speakers, but they should really hire someone that understands the nuances of the language before releasing information. These misunderstandings happen all too frequently.

    Regardless, IT'S A BUNCH OF PIXELS ON A SCREEN. It would not harm them in the least to have issued those rewards once they realized that their announcement was worded poorly and had led us to believe it meant something they didn't intend.

    In summary, they lied to us about the number of Saviors available. They didn't take out the deadlies when they said they would. They worded the release poorly so that we "misunderstood" how the rewards work. That's all on NG, not us. When this thing ends, they should compensate us for tolerating their errors by giving us all three rewards.
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    I haven't started the challenge, but I will believe you that there are only 6. If so, that is really bad because that will be why people voted for it.
    For the rewards, I had assumed it was one reward at the end depending on the level reached.
    However I can't say I read it all properly, but based on previous experience (other games) that tends to be how it goes.
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    There are 12, the one where you hve to open the gates on both sides has 6
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    The Chase: 3 Saviors
    The Hideout base with one gate either side has 6 Saviors
    The other level with the gates with one switch has 3 Saviors.

    I count 12 quite easy.
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    blynknz said:

    I haven't started the challenge, but I will believe you that there are only 6. If so, that is really bad because that will be why people voted for it.

    Ok, I no longer believe you.
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    There are 12 my friend, you miss the Hideout challenge and you miss half of them :)
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    Ah. I am an idiot when sleep deprived. Somehow, I had it in my head that the double gate was an episode mission I did earlier.

    OK, all accounted for. Changing the title to something silly.

    Carry on

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    This guy...
  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    Lol, nice change in title
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