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I would like to see some type of smaller auto missions that do not take gas. Basically they would be 'on foot' missions that do not take gas, similar to the Rift Minion Missions if anyone played Rift.

Basically they would be for sending your unused or lower level Survivors on and would give you much smaller rewards, but would be timed based and wouldn't require the player to do anything other than choose the Survivors, mission type, and duration.

I supposed you could add a new structure or just add the functionality to the Campfire which doesn't do much anyways. Speaking of that, it would be nice if you added a Camp Statistics to the Campfire window so you can see all your camp stats in one screen such as Supplies, XP productions, building numbers and levels, etc. An overview of all your camp stats so to speak.

So you would have a limited number of auto missions and if you wanted more would have to upgrade campfire or whatever new structure you design. So a new player might start with just 1 slot and as they grow they would get more slots and as they grow in experience they could gain access to more 'difficult' type of missions. Basically a mini-game within the regular game that uses your lower level or unused Survivors.

For example, you could have like 1 hr missions/ 4 hours missions/ 8 hour missions/ etc and then you could have Scout(XP), Scavenge(Supplies), Transport(Gas), Trade(Gold).

Once you send them you can't use that survivor until the mission is over and they return, and it would give you much less rewards than actual gas based missions.

I supposed you could send more survivors to decrease time and or increase rewards, so I could send 3 survivors on a 1 hr Scout(XP) Mission and either that would reduce the time to say 50 minutes or increase the rewards x3 or some combination of both. Possibly if you send more Survivors it increases your chance of success. So 1 survivor = 1d10 x 10% chance of success, whereas more survivors sent would be 1d10 x 10% + 10% extra per survivor above 1 or something similar.

Also since the mission is "Auto" when the survivors return(timer finishes) the game could determine if they were Successful or Failed or just make it a % roll so they roll good and get a 80% success which adjusts their rewards and or penalties which would be time spent in the hospital for any rolls less than 50% it would damage the Survivor and that would be a downside to doing them because they might end up clogging up your hospital.

Anyways, I would play more if I had stuff like that to do and check on but as it stands now I run a few food runs and then I'm done for a few hours, plus it bothers me that I have all these Survivors and nothing to do with them. I think it would add another fun layer to the game.



  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,022
    How about allowing us to get a Smart Car and use only 1 gas, but we can only take 2 Survivors? :D
  • SpacemanSpiffSpacemanSpiff Member Posts: 634
    I hope the next update allows for Hybrid-vehicles.

    But I'm concerned that my Legendary survivors are too cool to be sitting in a Hybrid car....
  • DakaminDakamin Member Posts: 109
    I like it, it's like the jobs from FFT. Gives a purpose to otherwise useless survivors AND gives us extra something-to-do in game, which is nice given the low gas cap.
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    Awesome idea
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    I thought of another type of structure and use for extra survivors.

    The Wall

    Make it a structure you can click on and upgrade, the more you upgrade it the more Survivors you can assign to it, the more survivors assigned to it the more resources/xp bonus you get when you auto kill them.

    Basically if you assign survivors too it then they will auto kill the walkers at your wall when the walkers get too close.

    Since there appears to be a limit of 10 walkers it would provide a benefit of extra rewards when you are offline because it would keep the walkers for capping out.
  • DakaminDakamin Member Posts: 109
    I like that too.
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    I was thinking more about this and would be nice to have two types of auto-missions. The first type would be Camp auto missions and the second type would outside camp auto missions. The camp auto missions could be called duties or chores and would be where you can assign survivors to inside the camp auto missions such as farming(bonus supplies), defense (bonus xp), tower(auto kill walkers at the wall), trade(bonus gold), planning(reduce build times), medical(reduced heal times), workshop(reduced upgrade times). Basically where you can assign survivors to various buildings to give you a small bonus or ability.

    The outside camp auto-missions could be called excursions and would function like above, mini-missions that don't take gas and give small rewards.
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    No Gas Auto missions to earn :smile: which is a Mood/Spirit/Happiness currency.
    Happiness Currency
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