Bruisers- what's the point?



  • K4netiK4neti Member Posts: 7
    Obviously this isn't a prime example but
    2 second stuns
    If he's hit without over watch stuns for 2 seconds and deals 80% base damage
    25% luck
    25% dodge
    25% damage reduction
    15% crit
    If my understanding on luck is correct this gives you
    50% dodge 40% crit 25% damage reduction

    Making bruiser a very strong character obviously with better gear you could get higher luck dodge and crit to 60% each

    Of course his damage is lower he can practically fight three walkers at same time without taking damage if you do it right(but he crits a lot)

    Anyway every class has levels they excel at and levels they are terrible at that's what makes the game fun
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