Outpost improvements that might calm the player base

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This post is long. The first bit is my observations about how the outposts have evolved. If you want to skip to the suggestions, start reading where I changed the font color to BLUE

In order to keep the game interesting and retain users, NG listened to the players that expressed they wanted PVP in the game. Games that don't generate new content become boring and lose players. They developed the outposts for that purpose.

Upon release, the outposts came with serious bugs. People stopped playing them. So, they lowered the gas price to 1 and the TG price to 2 for a limited time to try and get people playing them again while the bugs were addressed. Once they got the bugs out, they went back up to the 2 gas and 10 TG we have now.

Well, people stopped playing again. Those that do play complain that they cannot find anyone with TG available to raid. The PVP system is dying. In order to revitalize it, they removed the "if you don't raid, you won't get raided" clause and opened up the entire player base to getting raided to try and appease the people that are keeping the system on life support.

I don't think this is having the effect they hoped it would. Instead of opening up more TG to raiding, people have started hording their challenge reward crates or spending on the gold chests as soon as they get them. There is still a very small amount of TG in the raiding pool. However, with the introduction of cycles, there are those that are raiding just for chunks of prestige greater than 15 regardless of TG. They are hoping it pays off by getting them to a higher bracket and more TG at the end.


The best way, I think, to fix the outpost system is to have a separate gas system for outposts. Introduce separate blue gas cans inside the outpost that refill at the same 10 minute rate as normal gas. The amount you hold is based on the outpost level. At level 1, it holds 4 (2 raids). You gain 2 gas (1 raid) every level. You can opt to spend gold to refill the raid gas the same way the mission gas works. That would fix the gas issue that many cite as the reason they don't participate in outposts. Those that do not wish to do raids can use the gas to power a shield generator. Spending 2 gas gives you 30 minutes of protection. If your outpost is level 1, then you would have to log in every hour to keep it going. If you don't log in, then you would be open to raiding. NG could also offer 8 and 24 hour shields for 16 and 48 gold respectively. This would help satisfy the players that do not enjoy PvP, do not actively raid others, and are upset that they are now open to raiding. Actually, the idea of a shield really doesn't fit within TWD universe. Instead, let's call the gas or gold a payment for Daryl's group (we have seen him in game, so it isn't a spoiler) to provide security to us.

When matches are being generated, those that have made at least one attack in the last 24 hours should have a higher probability of being matched. Those that have not raided within the last 24 hours would have a lower probability but would still be in the mix. I am thinking an 80/20 split. I raided 6 times today, so the probability of me being raided within the next 24 hours should be 80% while those that did not raid only have a 20% chance of being raided. Hence, raiders can expect that they will be raided when they go offline, those that don't raid can rest a little easier knowing that the raiders have a higher chance of getting hit, and those that invest in security.

The final issue that gets repeated posts and complaints about is paying 10 TG to get matched against players that have 0 TG to loot. First, I suggest reducing that search cost to 5 TG permanently. Then, add a 100 TG bonus (not from the player, but from the game itself) for completing all 3 objectives. (Originally, I thought about 10% + 100 TG as a new formula, but then why should people get 100 TG just for killing a few walkers, grabbing the flags, and fleeing? Make the 100 TG a bonus for completing all of the objectives). These two changes would encourage many that have stopped playing outposts to return.

Edited: I thought about something players would exploit and fixed it.


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    I like it.

    For those of you who want a brief summary...

    - Different colour gas can for Raiding. Increases with Outpost level.
    - Option to use that gas to activate shield.
    - Active Raiders are more likely to be raided than inactive raiders.
    - TG reward (not stolen from target player) for completing all 3 objectives.
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    Thanks for the short, short version. Brevity has never been a strong suit for me. Plus, when pitching to developers, the more thought and detail we put into an idea, the more likely it is they will consider it. The pros and cons and easier to identify, they don't have to develop as many questions that need answering before development starts, and they have a solid concept to develop quicker.
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    Outpost should have separate gas since it has its own vehicle, i agree that there should be an in game tg reward, i would suggest that the tg reward is based on level of survivors you go up against, level of special walkers you go against, opening the crates and capturing the flag, i dont feel like doing math to calculate acceptable rewards for each, but it could be done, as far as a shield goes by spending gas, idk, couldnt survivors go on missions to collect wood and place around the outpost then use a gallon of gas to set it on fire and it burns for a certain amount of time, nice idea
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    Thanks for the insightful post!
    We are working on further improvements to outposts, as we feel it should be a very important part of the game.
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    I see where you are going with the idea. However, the Prestige is currently based on the level you are going after. My outpost rating is currently 59 with 3 level 13 defenders. When I go after someone with defenders lower than 10 and an outpost rating of less than 40, I only get 6 prestige. When I go after someone with defenders close to my level and an outpost rating of less than 40, I get 9-12 prestige. When I go after someone with defenders close to my level and an outpost rating of over 50, I will get 20+ prestige. I went after a guy with all level 14 defenders and a power rating of 64 yesterday. I barely beat him but came away with 42 prestige. So, there is a reward based on the level you are going after already. With cycles active, the prestige counts more now than it did two weeks ago.

    I do see where you are going. If they can code it to calculate a bonus TG and display it before we start (minimum of 100), then absolutely add defender bonuses. Of course, the bonus only comes if you complete all 3 objectives.
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    I was meaning a preset amount of tg for level of survivors, level of special walkers, and capturing the flag andopening the crates, as far as the influence goes i dont care about it at all, i raid people who have lots of tg, and i hope they have very little influence(what you refer to as prestige) my outpost is at 92 come get me
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    Are you seeing this as bonus TG or replacing the current TG that comes from the outpost owner with generated TG? If the latter is the case, then I oppose that idea. I raided a guy that had 4800 TG available about a week ago. If the TG were strictly game generated, there is no way I would have gotten that much. Now, if you are talking about a set bonus based on what we will face, then that would have been at least 4900. I can support that idea. I actually like that a portion of the reward is generated by the outpost. It encourages people to level up their defenses or risk losing a portion of them. It is also a little thrilling when I stumble across someone that hasn't leveled up and has 2000 TG laying about for me to take.
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