Who else is feeling the burnout?

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After committing geneocide on over 60 million saviors and doing two challenges a week of repetitive low levels to only reach a few challlenges on our base level survivors to only start over again and again.

After many months of participating in guild challenges (240+ stars average with new level caps for two challenges a week) and patiently waiting for it to become better; I like many others decided to take a break from doing challenges for now due to the burnouts and not having enough gas to actually participate in other aspects of the game.

I know this is being said over and over again but who else is feeling the burnouts?


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    I made similar thread days ago
    I'm also tired to start up new challenge every 3 days from scratch for rubbish rewards from boxes after maps. Looks like horrible waste of time...
    And upgrading cost. I see no fun to collect gear and not upgrading it because of lack of xp. It's not the way how it's supposed to look.
    Just thinking to quit completely challenges and focus on Outpost....
    Anyway I'm burnout as you.
    I decided to wait for next update and promised changes in XP balance... If nothing will change then I will quit for few weeks...
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    Just read your thread and looks like We are on the same boat @Amiga. Im glad you been voicing your opinions here on the forums and really hope your continuous activism can bring more awareness to others to join this path towards a better route before people like you begin to fade away.
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    I made more than thousands posts already.
    I'm sure my activity made already some changes in game but this is still dip in the ocean. The worst is that obvious things are not changed by NG.... Shame.

    - Exploration maps need to be rebalanced regarding fuel cost and rewards
    - Bruiser ability stun need to be higher than only +3 for example +5 will make big difference
    - Whole thing with scrapping gear. Lack of XP in return ect
    - Poor rewards on early challenge state for players 45+
    - No new achievements
    - Lack of various daily missions
    - Poor radio system
    - No interesting guild target

    Still lot to improvement...
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    The main thing is getting higher XP or ppl will burnout even faster. Ppl wanna be able to upgrade stuff so they have stuff to do.. But when side missions only give 4000 in a box n some things cost 1,2 million XP to upgrade its just crazy even when it was up to level 19 to 20 just crazy time to get there n be able to do that... Like how many times can u do a side mission over n over before burning out n getting bored with it? Besides other issues like losing stuff or game issues like I lost 600 radios with all the glitches yesterday and it will be a mirical when I get them back... But still the main thing is XP what we get should be at least 5 times what it is. So many ppl have told me there stoping playing soon or quitting but are just giving it a couple weeks to see if the XP changes at least cuz of how long stuff takes before anyone can upgrade it. So it's either spend like 200$ to upgrade a single weapon or play non stop for days doing side missions trying to get the XP for 1 item... It's just getting a lil crazy is all.. Me personally I do believe NG will change it I just hope it's before half the ppl get tired of playing over n over n I know they will give me my phones back once they look n see I haven't used them. Will be shocked if it's less then a week from now. N will give them a public apology if I'm wrong on how long I'm guessing it will take to get my phones back. But otherwise tomatos run ok with the game cuz only a few things to update with that but XP is way way off cuz everything runs off that. Or maybe they should let you use tomatos for upgrades as well when u can't use them for anything else idk.. So many ideas with actual ways for ppl not to get burned out n tired I just hope it doesn't take that long for them to write the code to change the issues is all..
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    Happened the same in my guild last week, we are in a chill out time.
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    As it is now, gas must always be used, so people that work for a living are penalized. I don't think this leads to long-term enjoyment and game longevity.
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