Why high level players are quitting the game



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    I'm level 35 so nowhere near maxed out, but I'm also burned out on the 2 challenge a week thing. I used to be bringing 100+ stars in challenges but lately I've just been getting the minimum of 30 required by my guild so I have time to get supplies and exp for upgrades. It's just not worth it to spend my limited time on running through low level crap where I get a tiny amount of supplies/exp, and it's made even worse when I pull legendary gear out of a gold crate after one of the low level challenge missions, see a set of awesome traits and get excited for a moment.....then notice it's level 2.

    There's also the fact that I play on my PC with bluestacks and I can barely log in lately because of my ISP, so I'm taking a break until next month when I hopefully get something better than satellite internet. But I'm seriously starting to wonder if I even WANT to come back since it's become a chore to log in only to have to waste time slogging through low level trash in challenges just to get to to the point where there's anything worthwhile in the rewards.
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    Im signing up for the bored and almost ready to quit lvl 48, just trying to find some type of way to hold on to the game, it use to be so much fun, i think because we use to be able to reach achievements in a shorter amount of time, i dont need immediate gratifaction, but around a week to do one upgrade of some sort it doesnt produce much satisfaction in the game, i dont even grind anymore, if im to spend a day grinding i at least want to be able to upgrade a jacket
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