Tired of spending phones for subpar survivors

The algorithm needs to be updated for recruiting survivors. If your spending 15 phones you should be recruiting epic or legendary survivors more often. In the hundreds of phones I've spent, I've only recruited 2 legendary survivors and a few epic, even during weekend phone events. Frustrating to say the least, when you almost always end up with a rare survivor...


  • FisnikFisnik Member Posts: 9
  • Smokeybones54Smokeybones54 Member Posts: 2
    Also agree, also tired of getting a scout every time
  • SpacemanSpiffSpacemanSpiff Member Posts: 634
    I'm tired of getting a bunch of elderly survivors that look like they snuck out of the senior citizen center....
  • SwtdstnySwtdstny Member Posts: 57
    I'm tired of it too. I'm level 48 and have 18 level survivors I use 15 phones and get a whopping level 10 of 16 3 star. It's BS. They should at least be closer to your level. Just another way for us to spend money training them I guess. I have finally rejected them. But still doesn't make me any happier spending that much on phones when I would get better survivor levels using just one phone.
  • YaxirYaxir Member Posts: 38
    i NEED a few epic survivors !
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