Max number of items?

I remember seeing 140 a while back, but not sure if that has since been updated. After that point things are auto scrapped, right? How does that work? Stuff is auto scrapped from chests you get or from your previous stockpile? And by level or just randomly?


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    Still 140 max. The auto scrap comes out of your existing inventory, not the chests. It should scrap your lowest level eq.
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    Much appreciated!
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    +1 Others including myself have asked for the same thing already before the upgrade counters came along. Maybe with the exodus of so many of the over player level 40 players Next Games has decided to focus more of the present and future changes on the newer players because they are the only ones that would need constant reminding that there are weapons in their inventory that can be upgraded.
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  • theRealBendertheRealBender Member Posts: 1,251
    I have no idea why it's 141 but a counter is definitely needed. I don't need to know how many weapons in the inventory can be upgraded. I'd rather the icon glow or look different for that.
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  • GusBusGusBus Member Posts: 15
    NCDawgFan said:

    It is ridiculous that the developers can't replace the completely useless counter on the armory icon that shows how many weapons are currently eligible for an upgrade (does even one player here care about this count???), with a current total weapons in your inventory (is there even one player here who wouldn't like to have this count???). Come on NG, make that simple change. You obviously know the count because you auto dump our items over the limit. The prosecution rests.

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    +1 I don't care that I can upgrade 59 pieces of gear. However, I hate that I have to periodically go through and manually count all my gear whenever I have a lot of equipment. There are shortcuts to the counts (seeing your multiples of 3, etc.), but it is still a pain in the arse when added to all the crashes and glitches, etc.
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    @DarkFae They may be gearing the game towards new and future players, but when these players come to the forums and see the great discontent among long time, high level players, they will think twice about staying with the game long term and may very well move on to a game in which the staff, who created and run it, seems to try and make the majority of the players satisfied.
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    I could not agree more with both of those sentiments. I have been speculating since I entered this thread so I'm just speculating more here in saying that since we have been told that the players in this forum only represent about 10% of the total player pool that NG may feel that it doesn't matter what is said here because most people that play the game will not even see it.
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    They see the App Store reviews
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    I tend to read through the first handful before I download and try a game. If I see my game code is..... or complaining I decide to move on.
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    I'd just like to be able to choose what's scrapped...I had a really pretty gold shooter gun that was completely useless...but I liked to look at it...I'm easily amused like that..'s gone :(

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    Woops o didn't realise that the number related to items needing that can be upgraded, I thought it was the total items
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    I only keep the strongest weapon for my survivors and scrap the rest. Am I missing something here? Why would I keep more?
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  • Black_JackBlack_Jack Member Posts: 278
    I have 131 items in workshop how do you know when items get scrapped?
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