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I had 108 stars for this weekly challenge when I joined new guild. After joining, I did 102 more stars. (108 + 102 = 210 stars). 210 is what shows on my guild screen (*see screen-shots*).

However, others in my guild only see the 102 stars (meaning their screen shows different than my own).

If the rule is you cannot carry over guild stars once transfer/join guild, then fine, I accept that rule. BUT, the bug/glitch is that my screen shouldn't be different than others in the Guild....

Please fix.


  • MovadoMovado Member Posts: 863
    I see another thread talking about missing stars too....so I'm not sure if they also transferred/changed Guilds in the middle of a weekly event. Once again, if the rule is not to allow carry-over of stars that is fine, I understand. But my own screen shouldn't be different than what everyone else sees on their guild screen. That's the stupid bug.....
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    Stars don't carry over if you switch guilds mid-challenge so it's not a glitch the way it's showing...good luck!!
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