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    @Teeceezy thanks for clearing that up not been incapacitated yet I'll look forward to it
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    Additionally, the walker dealing the fire damage needs to die first; otherwise they'll just lock you in a Struggle instead. So it's a pretty rare condition right now; it's needed for a future feature.
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    I'm wondering if this is the trap referred to in the mission briefing of the bunker level? I was purposely attempting to one-star the mission because I had previously two-starred the same mission due to using melee on a burning Walker and receiving 60 damage. Anyway, the survivor who is down in the screenshot was stunned by a tank before having this happen. Had to bring a survivor over to her to heal her. Turned out when I finished the mission, despite this happening and the survivor finishing with a heavy injury, I still two-starred the mission. So does this mean that if you fall in this trap then it is not considered a struggle? And how could my survivor have fallen in the trap when she was stunned and couldn't move?


    What do you mean "heal her"? How do you heal someone?
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    These burners seems ok to me, but doing damage to melee guys without attack sucks. It seems that you can use only hunter, shooter and assault on these burner missions.

    My hunter was hit by burner and he suffered only minor damage and in the end he suffered no damage, but warrior who just killed few burners, but didn't receive any attacks and damage got injured.
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    Heh read my earlier post second in this discussion where I posted about my warrior taking 45+damage from hitting level 3 burning walkers- think it was about as hard later as a burning walker hitting me and taking the burn damage combined.
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    @OldGoth @Teeceezy Please verify that if the counter in this scenario reaches 0, you fail the mission and your survivor suffers heavy damage. It's a little confusing as to why this would not be considered a struggle. Also, since there are no burners in the deadly mission, is it safe to assume this will not result in death?

    Yes, the counter reaching zero would incapacitate the survivor in the bleeding out state, ending the mission in a failure and giving a heavy damage injury to the survivor. It's not a struggle because the walker is now actually dead (incapable of hugging you) and your guy is still on fire, thus needing help from another survivor.

    Currently there are no burners in a deadly mission so no, you can't currently die from the "bleeding out" state. This will not be the case forever. :)
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