Episode 11 Strategy Guides - radios up for grabs!



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    Episode 11 Mission 3 - Free Them

    Objective: Free the Warrior
    Preparing for battle:
    Level Recommendations: (Level 12-13+)
    Team Recommendations: Shooter, Hunter, Warrior

    Photo Dec 16, 12 33 19 PM

    For my team, I used Range to take these walkers out from a distance.

    Photo Dec 16, 12 33 42 PM

    Photo Dec 16, 12 34 01 PM

    Photo Dec 16, 12 34 13 PM

    Your objective is to walk over the fire traps so you can free the warrior.

    Photo Dec 16, 12 34 41 PM

    Try to clear the walkers from a distance, and save up your charge abilities to tackle big walkers coming from the ground.

    Photo Dec 16, 1 35 44 PM

    Photo Dec 16, 1 36 03 PM

    You may want to try to position your hunter before your next walker wave so you can have an advantage towards the next wave. You may have to sacrifice getting hit or stun with your other survivor like I did below. However, it gave me a great angle shot for the upcoming wave.

    Photo Dec 16, 1 36 46 PM

    Photo Dec 16, 1 37 07 PM

    Photo Dec 16, 1 37 22 PM

    After triggering all the trap , you are finally able to free the warrior. Clear the walkers from a distance and use your warrior for close combat and make it back to the endpoint to finish your mission.

    Photo Dec 16, 1 38 01 PM

    Photo Dec 16, 1 39 59 PM

    Photo Dec 16, 1 40 50 PM
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    i have just 3 shooters. my favorite team 2 assault and one sniper. only go first a quick step to unexplore hidden area and walk arround the many traps.
    if you could hit just one walker, don't shoot! stay in distance and stand on guard (just go a quickstep) the single walker comes to you and the guards shoot them down. you do only an attack on the walkers if you could hit more than one single walker! have fun with the glorious game
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    Thank you all for entering! After some careful deliberation, we've chosen our winners:

    Congratulations zoson, schmuls and KaLi! Great job guys. Our absolute favourite was zoson this time around, so he's won the extra radios. We've decided to up the grand prize to 50 radios, so keep an eye out for future competitions. ;) I'll be private messaging the three of you shortly.
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    Ohh, bummer :disappointed:

    Congratz to the winners, good job.
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    Thanks! I was surprised to see all the radios!
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    Thanks a lot!
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    Congrats to you top guild winners !
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    Congrats guys! Ton of work to do a walkthrough, you deserve it.
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    Congrats BigOleTDs & your team !
    Hope to learn a few strategic moves from your guild!
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    Congrats to the winners big job to do a whole walk threw but I like doing it myself this game is great well made..
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    Good job!
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    Congrats to the winners.. may i suggest that next time, could you make this offer to the lower episodes. Because lower level players cant participate if its the highest episodes. And lower level players needs the radios more than the higher level players. Just a suggestion though..

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    Thanks for checking out my walkthrough and congrats to the other winners
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    Congrats to all, very good guides for people.

    Cheers @zoson great job!
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    @AysatyoPet Thanks for the suggestion! We'll keep it in mind.
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    any tips for Mission 3 on hard?
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    For episode 11-3 hard I would like to know how some people start off w/lev 13 walkers...mine are lev 16 & 17.
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    Nice job @KaLi
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    Congrats to all winners - Especially to @KaLi - awesome
    Thank you all for making this game so fun!
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    Came upon this thread today, congrats @zoson, @schmuls and @KaLi!

    Play to Slay. Slay to live another day. Daily players. On and killing walkers as often as we can.

    We need you! We want you!
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    Hello guys i registered myself for the first time to post a comment. Sorry again because i dont speak english very well. Sometimes ive been on youtube tonsee some videos and guess what? It doesnt help me at all? You know why? Coz we like the game becoz we have differents survivors , gears, xp, and levels. And sometimes u just do critical hit or zombies dont bite u coz u r lucky enough. My best advice is just do like me, take your best survivors, if u cannot, just be patient and improve your gears and survivors levels. This game is one of the game i know where we need to be very patient. I can prove u that becoz i spent a lot of radios and got only 1 epic... But you can finish the game with any survivors if you take your time. Merry christmas to all and happy new year
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    Thank you for your post ,I agree with you, patience is the hardest thing in this game. I can see what other players r doing, & I want to get to those higher levels too. But unless you want to spend a lot of money, you won't get there as fast as some players do. So yes it can be a slow process, but I am having fun getting there. I have met some really nice people, that are very helpful in the journey to improve our survivors. A great game, enjoying the TWD! Merry Christmas, & A Happy New Year also! Stay Alive
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    I've been playing the game and love it! Never knew of this place for help until tonight. I don't even know the difference between the survivors and so far made it to episode 6-3 working on 4. Glad I found this place it sure will help me out since I'm stuck here for a few days. I will now read on how all this works. I want to thank all of you for all your time and HARD work....THANKS :)
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    Welcome to the forum! There r so many ppl that can give u very good tips & strategies, or anything that you have questions about the game. Feel free to post concerns & get the help u need. Best of luck! Stay Alive !!!
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    Just finished The Descent before I saw that!

    Bloody assault rifle prize is inferior to the one I've already got!
    “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.” (Bob Marley)
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    A must read


    Also join a guild it will help you get extra reward, join a casual one at first that do not push for X star a week.

    Have fun !
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    I watched your Free Them video and noticed you had more than 6 survivors. How do you have so many? Do you have to buy slots with real money?
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    Never mind ; ) @zoson and congrats on the win. Seems I'm oblivious...you know how you see something all the time...well in the beginning I didn't have enough gold for more slots so started ignoring the words. Now have plenty of gold and radios :) Seems I have way to many radios now...168...since I wasn't using my slots properly.
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    Can you ever get real characters? Such as Rick or Daryl... Etc ????
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