PainWalker's Thread! WEEKEND EVENT JUNE 24TH

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Hey guys this will be my official Thread for the Walking Dead videos I am uploading to my channel! I hope you guys are going to enjoy my content and please leave your feedback!



Pushing to 1k stars Episode 1


This is my Outpost update overview!

My death!! Help me guys to overcome this challenge!

Weekend Event Announcement!

Top 3 Issues right now

Top 3 ideas (Wishlist) for 2016



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    Any advice on passing Mission 4 Episode 12 is appreciated!
  • masmith93masmith93 Member Posts: 3,512
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    How many times did you die?
    What level are your suvivors and eq?
    What team did you use?
    Without more info, a general, Upgrade your suvivors and/or gear. I always found @kapaootweets videos helpful when I got stuck. He's on YouTube.
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    @painclasher you need to move faster and get the dynamite set up as fast as humanly possible. The 1st group of incoming come at the same time (turn 6?) with the same amount every time so shooting repeatedly doesn't increase the threat for them. Once you set off the dynamite you aren't trying to kill them all you are just trying to run your survivors out of the map in one piece. Only shoot at the ones who are blocking you path on the way out. You really want to exit in two moves after the dynamite is set off.

    You had cleared a good path when you set off the dynamite, killing a lot of walkers. You needed to just move to the exit then and not worry about whether you pick up an injuries along the way.

    I noticed you assault doesn't have a wide arc. You really should have that.
  • General_PainGeneral_Pain Content Creator Posts: 2,461
    @SgtSalami Tnx man this looks helpful! And yes my assault doesn't even have legendary armor and the rifle does 200 damage which is low!
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    @masmith93 It is in the video above!
  • CmlCml Member Posts: 75
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    As @SgtSalami said, you need to move faster. Your hunter and shooter should be able to one-shot lvl15 walkers no problem.
    Try not to waste hunter attacks on one single walker.
    And most important, why arent you using your charge abilities?
  • SgtSalamiSgtSalami Member Posts: 546
    @cml you are right. He was hording his charges. All good advice there.

    @painclasher When the pack 1st appears, blast away with the assault stun ability. He stuns and then the others run past them. Then they punch a path so he can run and catch up with them by the exit. Then they all exit.
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    @Cml @SgtSalami I DID IT!! With a warrior and used my charged abilities!
  • SgtSalamiSgtSalami Member Posts: 546
    @painclasher Switched out the assault. Good Idea. Congrats : )
  • RevanTheLegendRevanTheLegend Member Posts: 42
    Whaddup Pain!
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    @RevanTheLegend Sup revan! Looking forward to the new update?
  • MomofSnolpeMomofSnolpe Member Posts: 76
    Ehh I wasn't really impressed. I watched the last video. Even though it seems like you're trying to summarize some of the problems based on what you've read on the forums and your own experiences but it was rather incomplete and didn't offer any real effective insight and at times maybe even reaching. For example many players like the two challenges a week but you seem to think all players want to go back to one per week. I'm basing that on your statement about "going back to one challenge a week is best for all players." If you look at the multiple threads asking the question of one or two challenges per week there are many people who want the two challenges a week. An example of what I mean by incomplete is one solution that many players would like to see is more XP when scraping items that have already been upgraded. That's a big oversight and to forget that and offer up the idea of increasing production doesn't take rocket science. Please do be upset that I didn't like the video but I wanted to give my honest feedback so you could use it to your benefit for future vids.
  • General_PainGeneral_Pain Content Creator Posts: 2,461
    @MomofSnolpe No worries. I did base the video pretty much on my own opinion and the solutions which I believe will help alleviate the problem. However I am sure most people will agree that these 3 are the top "challenges" which needs to be addressed ASAP. I am always looking for feedback either way!

    Stay Safe!
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    The Bruiser's Spotlight

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    Added a new video
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    Super hyped about all these things coming to the game!
  • kapaootweetskapaootweets Member Posts: 64
    Thank you @masmith93 :#
    More than 200 No Man's Land walkthrough videos HERE on my Youtube Channel
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    @PimpOfTheDead @jester I see where you are coming from but to be honest I am more of a casual player who doesn't spend that much money to get maxed. You know from what you said seems like you are maxed. I would love some ideas If you have some because that would help me.

    Stay Safe!
  • PimpOfTheDeadPimpOfTheDead Member Posts: 654
    @painclasher yes my camp is completely maxed besides a few survivors & some gear but would rattle through those lvls in less then 2mins, I do already have a friends team of noobs I've been updating & training so they are ready for things to come & easier ways to get there & I think it's cool & nothing wrong with people making their own vids for fun, just don't believe the title sounds right though, & think players should be a bit more established before given the responsibility to guide our nml youth with tips & tricks or have them feel misguided into thinking they are moderators or staff, if you or any other player has game questions I personally have no issues helping anyone out with my best opinions & answers, as quite a few players I don't even know see me on here & inbox me all the time with questions & being a maxed player I still tend to have a few myself, I'm not always right & neither is anyone else, but I find the best tips & advice, come from the players that been around awhile, even the money players just cause they have seen it all 1st so have the best guidance, typed or video
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    I am also nearly maxed but am also a casual player who has just happened to have been playing this game for quite a while and have spent less than 10 English £s on it.
    Not all maxed players are there because they have spent money on it - just because you might have recently stumbled across the game doesn't mean that there haven't been people here much longer than you, also not spending money!
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  • General_PainGeneral_Pain Content Creator Posts: 2,461
    @Neil_J I started playing the beginning of November and to be honest I stopped playing in January but then when the February Outpost update came I started playing again. I only spent money on buying the bundles and am halfway through Council 16. I don't deny the fact that people could be playing since October and have maxed not "golded bases.
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    Here is my outpost video!

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    All new survivor trailers!

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    New update overview

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