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Does the XP at the top of the screen max out at 200000, or does it go up as the storage supplies warehouse is upgraded ?


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    i think it goes up as you level up your council..
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    Thanks for the reply. Still learning things about the game. I was asking because I am at a player level 26, but have to be a level 29, to upgrade my council to 12, before I can upgrade my training grounds to 12, before I can level my players to 13. So my XP is maxed out for now. Whew !! That's a lot to do.
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    your a higher level than me.. your welcome.. :D
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    Thanks aysatyo,
    Been playing for a couple of months. Love the game, of course, a HUGE walking dead fan! I know from reading many different threads, there are all different kinds of players. From some who spend mega bucks, to some that really can't. Either way I think we all have fun. I enjoy watching the videos that have been posted here & on YouTube. Some of them have helped me out of some sticky situations. All different kinds of strategies of walker warfare! Just fightin & staying ALIVE !!
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    Max council here, max xp storage is 400,000. :)
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    @Annette578 ,

    The max amount of tomatoes that can be stored for latter use increases as you

    A. Buy more storage buildings with the supplies you accumulate.
    B. Upgrade the storage buildings with the supplies you accumulate.

    If you hit a max ceiling for upgrades to your storage buildings then try upgrading your Council and you will be granted the option to either

    A. Upgrade the storage buildings you already have more.
    B. Purchase additional storage buildings and upgrade them.

    I am a level 28 and I have 3 storage buildings so far and I am in the process of upgrading them all to level 6.

    The max amount of experience storage increases as you increase your council level.
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    Increasing supplies only increases max pantry for ketchup, not xp. :wink:
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    in addition to what @JRDman stated, your tents can hold a few thousand depending on their lvl. But they stop producing once they are full.

    Lvl 6 tent holds 3,200, Lvl 5 2,160.

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  • Annette578Annette578 Member Posts: 500
    Thanks guys for your response ,
    I am currently building up my camp so my council levels up. In the mean time all that XP is being lost ( since it is maxed). Seems so wasteful ! I'm not going to purchase gold, just for that.
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    Would luv a full storage. Have to farm 7.4 now and then for next update of gear or survivors...
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    I've never had max xp, because there are always equipment and survivors to upgrade. Im envious, because I'm always waiting for more Xp and tomatoes to upgrade something else.

    Level 7 tents hold 5500, btw.
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