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Recently we've been stepping up our efforts to encourage and empower YouTubers and streamers that want to create content for The Walking Dead: No Man's Land. We want you to create your own communities around your channels and grow your subscriber counts with our help. Regular forum users will spot more and more Content Creators around the place, so look out for the exclusive flair next to the usernames of Content Creators.

Also make sure you check out their YouTube or Twitch channels and also give them feedback about what kind of content you'd like to see them create more of. The channels we've brought on board so far are:

Forum username: Spindig
Channel link:
Channel link:

Forum username:RevanTheLegend
Channel link:

Forum username: Zoson
Channel link:

Forum username: Terminates
Channel link:

Forum username: PainClasher
Channel link:

Forum username: Poppy
Channel link:

This list will continue to grow, so keep checking back!

Everyone involved in Next Games' Content Creator program will:
  • Receive early information about game updates
  • Be the first to know (and make videos about) about weekend and special events
  • Benefit from promotion on our social channels
  • Be able to join our dedicated Slack channel
  • Receive game related assets and content to use in your videos
Coming soon:
  • Get your video featured in-game
  • Get exclusive Next Games SWAG!
  • Get access to exclusive in-game content
Hey! I'm also making YouTube videos, how do I get involved?

Simple! Send an email to our community inbox, here: [email protected] with the title "I want to be a Content Creator!"

Make sure you include the following information:
  • Channel name
  • Youtube link
  • Twitch link
  • Social media account links
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