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    Japes87 said:

    I don't know why this thread create so much animosity..

    Because it was stunningly bad advice for a huge portion of the playerbase. It assumed that everyone has the same survivors and the same progression through the game...it wasn't addressed only to endgame players with maxed survivors, it was addressed to everyone. Furthermore, by the time you get to the point where this advice would apply, you're more than likely to have already learned when you do and do not need to use your radios.

    If it had been more like, "Hey, just a reminder for those who have nearly maxed crews, you might want to give this event a pass and save your radios for when they release a new council level, and don't forget that the radio tent will be updated as well," nobody would have reacted badly.
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    I find the title of this thread offensive.

    NG is working hard to create a game we enjoy to play.
    If we dont enjoy it, players leave to different games. Natural law at work.

    To make a statement 'not to participate' based upon some kind of personal assumption is hurtfull to the developers.
    They are living people who's paycheck is paid by us.

    Some respect is due.
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    @Tombworld -- Your assumption about my assumptions is awesome!

    @Fourthstorm -- offended by a thread title? Seriously? If I were an uber-sensitive baby, I would be offended by you being offended. Thankfully I'm not, so I'll just laugh at your outrage (thank you for that!), and be happy I have perspective and am not bothered by what other people have to say.

    I wish you both (and everyone else) the best of luck with your calls this weekend, hopefully you both contribute your results in the appropriate thread, and they don't include an absurd amount of bruisers.
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    @Tombworld -- Your assumption about my assumptions is awesome!

    So you would have given a mid-level or new player the same advice whether or not to spend their radios on this event? "No, don't take a chance to replace your green and brown lvl 10 max survivors, because an upgrade you won't get to take advantage of for four or more months is coming up!"

    Awesome, indeed. (You might want to just accept the assumption on this one.)
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    @tombworld -- My strategy (that I have stated in other threads) for players at the lower levels is to use 1 radio calls so as not to spend 15 radios on survivors you will quickly outgrow, and continue to save radios for when they are more useful for the long term. So I will make the assumption that you were assuming that my strategy was to always use 15 radio calls, even at lower levels. This is a vicious cycle of assumptions.
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    But...that would still be participating in the 'DO NOT PARTICIPATE' event. See, even you think this thread was bad advice for some people.
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    This thread is bad advice for 99.9% of all players. Basically, if anyone has to ask this question - they should be participating. The players who don't need this event already know they don't need it without this thread, and know exactly why.
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    Although there are no level 20s on offer it looks like the % of level 19s is higher than the last event. I did about 30 x 15 phone calls and got 6 "keepers" with max level 19. Last event a similar number of calls got me 2 level 19s. The "point" is that this has now given me enough survivors that will peak with their max traits for the next upgrade. I have no need for level 20s yet so what would have been the point in waiting?
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    @OneLessTitan I take your point, understand your logic and agree with you. I also used my radios, because I like drawing survivors...I kept none of them of course.

    @everyoneelse...wtf people. If you have level 10 survivors and you are "stuck" in the game, then it is pretty obvious this advice does not apply to you since a level 12 common survivor is more useful to you than a level 20 legendary. Shake your head, say nah, I'm using my radios and move on. No reason to crusade to have the advice ignored.
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    @all, let's keep things civil and respect everyone's view.
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    Lol...I guess you should have dotted the i's with hearts and smiley faces and put some butterflies in the title for all the sensitive survivors.
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    The smartest post on this board, ever.
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    jester said:

    The smartest post on this board, ever.

    And another dead thread comes back to life to feed on the living... LOL
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    I drunkenly burned 350 phones on this last event. Would love to have them back now.
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    Double drunk post.
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    Now we're talking! Threads and badges.
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    You do a lot of stupid shit when you're drunk.
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    Lmao had to double check, thought this post was new, was like what weekend event??? Lol
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