Use your radios or not?

ratonraton Member Posts: 164
my survivours are all level 18, worth use radios knowing that i will get at most level 19? (Sorry for my english lol)

Use your radios or not? 32 votes

zosonVerbaubgabriel_lwhGeneral_PainjesterLadyAquilaDegreaserggbatsLightfeetAnimesh101UmfNCDawgFanOvidmikelTam8Jadenurpetrax 16 votes
No, wait to changes in radio towe
PutchucoAnnette578jacobwiedhatspartan912tembelDERRICKmasmith93Sipher07OneLessTitantheRealBenderInspTurbinesMomofSnolpeAzBewbsMateGlookerjdcwhaler213 16 votes


  • I may use a small amount as a sample and then decide.
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  • masmith93masmith93 Member Posts: 3,512
    No, wait to changes in radio towe
    How many do you have @bgbelden
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  • ratonraton Member Posts: 164
    I have 340, may be i will wait
  • DaleDale Member Posts: 1,122
    bgbelden said:

    I may use a small amount as a sample and then decide.

    Half now, half later. What's the problem?

  • VerbaubVerbaub Member Posts: 650
    I'm going to use some, see how things go, so how things are trending ...
    I have several survivors capped at 17, so if I can get something that replaces them, I'll keep it.
  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    I have a hard time waiting to get 15 radios lol have y'all noticed the louder the DAAA DUUUUNNNN the better survivor you have I hit that button and don't look until I hear the DAAAAA DUUNNNNTTTT LOL a common don't hardly make a DA sound lol
  • lmfgunnutlmfgunnut Member Posts: 1,636
    I use my radios the moment they tally to 15. Then I hit reject. It is a vicious cycle.
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  • ggbatsggbats Member Posts: 210
    @bgbelden Im with you on that, I have 364! That's the most I ever held, and I even spent 50 on 1 calls for desperate XP! Seems the radios for flowing for me the last few months, hoping to get some more max 19 since 20 are unavailable. Good luck ;)
  • theRealBendertheRealBender Member Posts: 1,251
    edited May 2016
    No, wait to changes in radio towe
    Voted "Wait" because I recently used 150 radios and got crap.

    Edit: Now I wonder if this poll is specifically talking about this weekend's event. If so, then I will definitely spend some radios.
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  • @ggbats @masmith93 I usually get between 40- 60 before I make any calls so I can use different amounts. Currently in the low 40's
    "Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face"
    Mike Tyson
  • DCBMETDCBMET Member Posts: 392
    I have almost 450. About half my dudes are maxing out at 13 and 14 so the changes won't affect me much anyway.
    I will spare a few dozen at most to replace those. From what I have read, radio tower events are a crapshoot anyway and I don't have too much trouble getting blues and golds normally.
  • tammytammy Member Posts: 1,716
    Lmao @Ovidmikel I'm the same!!! I click... then close my eyes tight...scrunch my face up....and listen!! Never hear the DAAAA DUNNNNNNN though

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  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    I never have much more than 15 at any given time - I can't resist using them - so I'll abstain..... ;)
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  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    @tammy I've been really lucky the last 10 or so calls 2 epic hunters I max 19 1 max 18 3 epic warriors 2 max 18 1 max 17 1 leg warrior max 19 2 epic shooters max 18 2 leg scouts I scrapped in the radio tower I also made some 1 radio calls and got 2 max lvl 18 hunters uncommon but startng lvl 16 and 3 uncommon assaults max lvl [email protected] starting lvl 16 did I mention I did that too replace an epic assault 2 rare assaults max lvl 17 an epic hunter max 17 because I let my nephew farm mators for me during the x2 mator event and he did a cple DEADLEYS THAT WAS DEADLEY LOL oh I wanted to choke him lol BUT because of the XP I lost LMAO more then the survivors lol
  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    Oh I let my granbaby bit the button my wife told my guildys you gotta hold your mouth RITE lol and I vary times looking at what I got but now I can almost tell if I got something at least epic by the SOUND DUUUNNNN DUUUNNNTTTTT LOL Commons make no sound lol just Da
  • jesterjester Member Posts: 2,741
    Yes, but only to burn them for xp.
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