Overall nerf in 1.10

You promised us, that there will be no rebalancing, no effects on the game mechanics.
1. The traits were nerfed. Instead of 15% dodge, luck we can reach only 10%. Serious nerf.
2. Legendary survivors had previously 2 golden and 2 silver traits. Now 2x lvl5, 1xlvl4, 2xlvl3. This is a setback, as instead of 2 silver we got only 1.
3. Due to point 1 and 2 e.g. my best shooter has 300 points lower health, which is already a serious cutoff (15%). But all of my survivors are weaker now.
4. You promised, that the adjusting of high lvl survivors will not have a game mechanics effect, the high tiers will be more playable. Instead, your adjustment has the opposite effect. Before update I one shotted lvl19 walkers, and needed 2 shots for lvl19 toughs. Now I need often 2 shots for lvl19 walkers, 4 shots at least for toughs. Additionally normal wlakers (lvl19) do approx 2x-3x so many damage as before. This is a serious setback in outpost as well in missions. Any explanations??
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    This will be interesting...

    ( @R03... Nice math work... )
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    Tsk tsk devs.

    Promising one thing, and delivering another.

    The proper way to handle this is not to hit your revenue source (the upper tier players who have paid for Legendary survivors, and paid to upgrade them). You pull up the lower leveled players. Bring everyone in line. Players don't like being nerfed. Anger your revenue source, and, surprise! The negative experience makes them go away.

    They are here to kick ass and take names. If all you let them do is take names, will they stay?

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    @R03 , for item 1) it's a bug, see response by Teeceezy.

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    Ok, thanks. And for the rest? @zbot
    What about dodge? @Teeceezy writes only about luck.
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    @zbot maybe you will post some thread saying that this update has many bugs on which devs are working and some link to what @OldGoth said.
    Because new threads popping out every minute and questions in existing are repeating over and over again.
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    @R03 , please see this.

    Looks like items 1) and 2) have been fixed. It was a bug not a nerf.
  • Its nice, but still: my survivors are weaker. Still: my shooter has 300 health less.
    So point 3 and 4 remains.
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    Everything to do with traits has now been addressed. There was a bug that didn't come up in testing.

    On the very top levels of equipment (19), overall stopping power has been decreased noticeably. It was out of line. You had an unfair advantage over lower level players, making PvP unworkable. Now, you still have more points (damage, health) than anyone beneath you, as you should, but now it's in line with the edge a level over somebody should give you at another point of the level curve.

    I will look more into the walker health vs top level survivors & gear situation.
  • @OldGoth
    I think the tough and fat ones are slightly overpowered now, even lvl 16 needs several shots from lvl18 survivors. The normal walkers are ok.
  • OldGothOldGoth Member Posts: 297
    Thanks, will investigate.
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    If the issue was within PvP, then that's where the issue should have been addressed and not an overall nerf. I don't do outposts, but I have lesser ability because PvP couldn't just be divided into levels? If a high level player is free to attack lower level (vulnerable) players, then that's the game flaw. I would never have downloaded a PvP game and am being forced to play around one should I choose to keep playing.
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  • @GreenBalloon this topic is not about that, it is about the overall nerf of the survivors on higher level.
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    Promising one thing, and delivering another

    Nothing new here :wink:
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    I still have nerfed traits on epic survivors what was gold and 15% is now 12%, so not fixed yet or not going to fix?
    @Teeceezy @OldGoth
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    R03 said:

    @GreenBalloon this topic is not about that, it is about the overall nerf of the survivors on higher level.

    There was an advance announcement posted in the forums regarding whole-system rebalancing for 1.10. There was/is also an in-game announcement informing of the rebalancing. It was no surprise to me.
    Back from 2016 :p
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    R03 said:

    @GreenBalloon this topic is not about that, it is about the overall nerf of the survivors on higher level.

    I was addressing @OldGoth's statement on the nerf being due to PvP. So, yes. It is about that.

    As far as "rebalancing", that's a pretty vague term and wasn't fully detailed. It especially wasn't detailed as they pushed weapons/armor bundles. Higher level players have put a lot of time, effort and in most cases, cash, into this game. To take that money from them and then reduce the product is wholly unethical. To keep low xp for 10 months and then take away the upgrades bought with that hard earned xp is equally unethical. I don't give a fat squat about platitudes, this was a screw-you move and a flying finger to the players. NG's design issues should never be passed onto the players. It's all about monetization, period. The PvP aspect of the game has been a flawed add-on since it was launched. That's not the fault of the players, but they're the ones being slapped with two nerfs in a row. It's bait & switch and it's bad faith. If people don't understand that yet, they will. You can bet another nerf is in the works along with a gold bundle to go match.
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    @Teeceezy All of my epics lost their gold traits definitely some bs !!!!! We should at least get tokens for that !!! To get them back you have to level your survivor to legendary then get 250 tokens for something you already had !!!
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    @OldGoth. "didn't come up in testing" ? Seriously? What sort of testing are they doing? It was noticed by most people who play the game within a minute of logging in after the update.
    EL34xyz[Deleted User]
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    @OldGoth. "didn't come up in testing"

    I noticed it 10 seconds after entering a challenge map this morning and taking aim at my first walker

    You guys need some new testers
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    @OldGoth communication like this is great for people like myself who don't understand programming , one of the problems of the past has been no communication when it comes to why game bugs happen after updates or are hard for you to fix , since you came back you've been really stepping up the communicating with the community , thank you , it hasn't gone unnoticed .
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    @OldGoth Yes, thanks for coming on more to respond to threads. It gives the players a better understanding of what is going on and makes us feel like you care about us. No replies in this forum makes us feel like nobody @NG cares about us.
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    How come other games don't have these problems. Never had a problem with a Rovio or Supercell Game
  • EironEiron Member Posts: 41
    Sipher07 said:

    How come other games don't have these problems. Never had a problem with a Rovio or Supercell Game

    I assume you're new to both franchises then? Don't be ludicrous. All games have bugs & glitches on rollout of new features or content.
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