Weekend event.... Hunters

Okay so ive spent my phones on the event to get some more hunters with no luck. Omg what a crap event. Wasted my phones dont waste yours.


  • masmith93masmith93 Member Posts: 3,522
    I found a few hunters, but they were all rare. I did find a leg warrior though.
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  • ChrisMmmmChrisMmmm Member Posts: 8
    I did two 15 radio calls. On the second I got a Legendary Hunter (level 8). This is only my second Legendary survivor.
  • FreezyFreezy Member Posts: 15
    I think I've had worse luck than anyone during this event. No need to go into details but I am personally hurt on this one.
  • JunkmasterJunkmaster Member Posts: 35
    I did 23 (15 RADIO hunter) so 345 radios total and would usually get 3 rares one of which was a hunter, 3 epics(warrior,bruiser,hunter), and 0 legendary. I was pretty disappointed, wish I would have waited until a Legendary Weekend event because this one was pretty weak. I didn't even end up with enough hunter tokens to upgrade anything.
  • i812manyi812many Member Posts: 139
    i personally believe we will never,ever see a legendary weekend again with the new character progression, bye-bye legendary weekend :(
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  • OnyxOnyx Member Posts: 19
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    4 calls got me 2 rare hunters (rejected), an epic lvl8 hunter and a legendary lvl8 assault
  • JunkmasterJunkmaster Member Posts: 35

    With all the changes to Radio Tower and Survivors, will you please clarify if "Legendary Survivor Weekend" is coming back for players trying to decide how to spend/save their Radios.

    Hunter Weekend seems like only good if you are looking for Hunter Tokens for upgrades, not Legendary.

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