One Radio Calls Have Become Valuable Again - Otis Is Back

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We all know the odds of the Epic or Legendary are extremely low. That being said, the starting level is often higher when getting common or uncommon. I ditched many survivors to be able to get my A and B team started to improve. And probably went a bit too overboard with respect to cleaning house :) I wound up with not enough "Otis" material for farming when someone needs to Flee. Even with the 100 cap, there is value to farming. (Though I do hope perhaps it increases a bit in future releases)

So pulled 14 assault, two hunters and a shooter, level 15 If you have Episode 7 or 9 open for the farms, or future challenges on the maps that work, it is not bad. Obviously not part of main groups for quite awhile, but when you get the bad pulls, throw some tokens their way and over time you may have something. Obviously concentrate on the main ones, but the common/uncommon heal quicker and cost less to update levels. But a 15 with decent equipment, coupled with a couple of the A or B team, can handle many farming missions and you will not miss them while they heal :)


  • PerdtinPerdtin Member Posts: 783
    The level 14 Assault going from Common to Rare

  • PerdtinPerdtin Member Posts: 783
    The Level 15 Hunter Common To Rare

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    I dont see your point... Its still better and cheaper to find an epic / legendary survivor directly at a survivor weekend instead of collecting all the coins for upgrading a common.
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    nultsch said:

    I dont see your point... Its still better and cheaper to find an epic / legendary survivor directly at a survivor weekend instead of collecting all the coins for upgrading a common.

    True, but when doing one radio calls I have found that the initial level is higher. Usually it is (was) the common or uncommon that provided the initial level being higher - in other words I have pulled common and uncommon with initial levels of 16. Epic and Legendaries not as high. So for C team or fodder on missions the common and uncommon worked nicely.

    For instance, I have a level 11 rare shooter. 32 tokens if retired (or not accepted). The level 15 common to uncommon with traits maxed is 38 tokens. So it is looking at the XP difference from going from level 11 to level 15. There are going to be times where there will be all rare pulls at levels you may not want to level due to XP costs.

    To me the healing time reduction, plus the few initial levels up to save XP, makes this an option to consider.

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    It would take a considerable amount more resources to upgrade a common but if you were looking for a specific paper doll to add to your survivor queue then for some it would be worth it. I like the younger female dolls with the tats personally. Would love to add them as hunters to my roster but could never find them as legendaries before.
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    @Perdtin thank you for this post!!!

    it would take 54 tokens to go from common to rare but since the level of the survivor starts at a higher level a person using this strategy would save almost 1.5 million xp and 2-4 days of wait time doing so. Great Job!!

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    @DLich Thanks. One other thing is to level up then apply tokens. A level 18 common costs 779K and 11 hours to upgrade, while a level 18 epic comes 819k and 20 hours. So if upgrading level first, then applying tokens, it saves even more XP and time. There may be a time earlier to apply tokens, depending on roster, but this is a bit more to help.
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