Lost connection

BeccaBecca Member Posts: 39
I am having problems staying connected. I receive a message stating that the server lost connection. It is not my internet I have no problems streaming movies. The server loses connections at least 3 or more times in one game play. Is anyone else having a problem?


  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,067
    Appears to happen very frequently. My guess is the number of people playing at one time. This weekend has been horrible.
  • Knightmare65Knightmare65 Member Posts: 102
    This game has horrible connection issues. I hate when I hit the movie button and pow it wants to disconnect. Even worse, playing an outpost challenge and it disconnects, there goes the gas and 10 crates. I even have connection problems on my PC through Bluestacks and my PC is wired. Come on, NG, figure out this connection problem and fix it.
  • PalanthianPalanthian Member Posts: 12
    You have my sympathy. I stopped playing the game entirely due to this issue but keep checking back with every update to see if it's fixed - and it never is.
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