Episode 13 mission 5

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# Sorry I mistyped Episode 15 in places of 13 #
Having Trouble and stuck in the mission?


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    nice one @Animesh101

    but u may wanna check the topic again :)

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  • I was like episode 15?
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    Wow, they sure did give the content creators special access :D
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    Nice vid...but only opened the thread because of its title :D
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    @Capleton maybe he did this on purpose.

    "there’s no such thing as bad publicity"


    Play to Slay. Slay to live yet one more day. Daily players. On and killing walkers as often as we can.

    We need you! We want you!
  • CapletonCapleton Member Posts: 441
    Very true @tembel.

    But I guess no need to generate clicks/views. Already got the shiny content creator badge and he won't get enough views to get a single penny from YouTube ;)
    Moriturus te salutat

    Found his home in Asylum
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    I'm sorry I added a view to this as well.

    There is such a disconnect between the content creators and content quality. Some of the CCs videos are well produced, entertaining, and informative others videos are just a way of someone going "look at me" in the digital age.

    How are you going to post a video and in the description say "Having trouble and stuck in the mission if yes click here" and then offer no real tips at all?

    I got past that mission first time as I'm sure many did as well but I didn't see anything in the video that would actually help me if I was having trouble completing the mission. I'm not here to tell people what videos to post and not to post but you should really label the titles and descriptions much more accurately. To help get more views you need to build your brand and for me this will affect whether or not I open more videos from you in the future.

    The original thread starter can edit thread titles and move them as well. If Amish made an honest mistake with the title you should edit it. If you named it episode 15 on purpose you should edit it and fell a little guilty for misleading people on purpose.
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    If you really want to provide some helpful video content, post one showing how to beat 12-3 on nightmare. Now that's a video I would be interested in watching.
  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    @NCDawgFan I barely got past that one on regular mode.

  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    @SenoiaSurvivor, it is kicking my butt. I keep hoping for a favorable initial spawn but I keep getting destroyed time after time. I know a few have beaten it do I will keep trying. In the attached screen shot Im sure you can guess what chance the scout I am trying to save had actually making it to the exit.
  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    @NCDawgFan oh that one! I was thinking of another one. That one I didn't have any trouble with. I think the trick was slow and steady - letting the walkers burn up as much as possible. I wish I could see the rest of the map....I managed to keep distance between myself and the walkers while still defending the scout. But yeah...no matter...with those walker lvls. .. good luck!

  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    The problem on nightmare mode is you cannot kill the level 22 and 23 walkers in two shots and you have fatties to deal with too @SenoiaSurvivor. Add to that if the scout makes even one contact with any walker and he is dead instantly, game over. Two survivors, twenty walkers. Not a recipe for success!
  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    @NCDawgFan wow. I can't even imagine trying that.

  • Animesh101Animesh101 Member Posts: 83
    Oops sorry ALL... I just now Realised that I wrote Episode 15 lol..... Mistyped 13 sorry again.. But thumbnail will make it clear :)
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    Well, I guess I'm fucked with this mission, as I have no legendaries.

    I have a couple epic assaults, one epic hunter, two epic shooters. HIghest level is 14. And my warrior is a rare level 12. Wasn't actually planning on putting xp into him but just waiting for a higher radio chance event to hope to get better survivors.

    Seems like I'll be stuck in this part of the story missions for quite some time....

    Any ideas for the survivors I have to make it through this mission?
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