Getting tokens from killing survivors in Outposts

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Hi guys,

Currently we can get tokens from rejecting or retiring current survivors. Recently we were offered some shooter tokens as a purchasable as well.

However what if we can get tokens from the survivors you kill in Outposts?

Tokens will be also based on the rarity survivors and the type of survivors you kill, but to be fair the tokens you get shouldn't be the same as when you reject survivors.

Something like this maybe:

⭐️5 tokens
⭐️⭐️10 tokens
⭐️⭐️⭐️15 tokens
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️25 tokens
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️40 tokens

Because it's hard to kill epic and legendary survivors, I think they should give more tokens!

What do you think?


  • Deadwalker69Deadwalker69 Member Posts: 4
    I think the idea really great :p
  • SpacemanSpiffSpacemanSpiff Member Posts: 634
    It would be nice to have alternative ways to acquire Tokens (besides radios or money-bundles). But not sure if Outposts are the most feasible. Outposts are taking others' TG's/ is the proposal to raid tokens from other players? Or somehow for NG to subsidize it all. The latter approach is probably unlikely. Stealing tokens from others would cause another riot, lol
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    @SpacemanSpiff Actually I don't think when getting tokens from outposts they shouldn't be subtracted from the player you are raiding. I believe they should automatically be added.

    @Julialicious Outposts are better for now because it will make more and more people play them daily, but I get what you mean
  • JulialiciousJulialicious Member Posts: 193
    @painclasher i am soooooooo disagree with you!! hihi :D o:) :*

    if you play for a top guild - let me imagine a guild that is currently no. 1 in germany and no. 9 worldwide ;) - and you want to stay at top and becoming better and better worldwide, then you have not much time to play outpost beside the weekly challenge. I can play outpost just at weekend and i think many many members of top guilds have the same problem!

    So i prefer both alternatives - getting tokens from outpost and also from killed survivors in the weekly challenge missions

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    @Julialicious I agree with you, I am not in a top guild and I don't have this problem. :)
  • edwin64edwin64 Member Posts: 84
    agree. .. would be awesome. even in a top guild. Still have time during weekend to get those tokens
  • SkullHeadXXXSkullHeadXXX Member Posts: 5
    Good Idea *-----*/
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    I'm onboard with any new system that allows us to earn tokens, except having to spend real money!
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  • allent392allent392 Member Posts: 18
    What about tokens being based on the amount of kills a survivor class gets in each mission. ie shooter kills 30 zombies = 5 tokens and hunter kills 5 zombies = 1 token
  • fistonltdfistonltd Member Posts: 149
    Its a good idea, but with the whole dodgefest going on in the outposts.
    We would still not get many..
    Unless we all agree to make it easy for eachother and put the lowest defence possible. That way we can grind eachother. And we al benifit from it!
    Its a way to get back at the scam they are pulling! Easy tokens and easy tg who can be against it?
    You really want to be on top of the rankings for that lauzy cyclereward,
    When you can get way more the way i suggest?
    Choose wisely please...
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