Defensive Stance

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We all make mistakes. But a sign of maturity is admitting our mistakes, and doing our best to fix them. IMO, Defensive Stance is the biggest mistake NG has made. This "Trait" is horrible, and a detriment to any Survivor that has it. Sure, it has a benefit (albeit a super tiny benefit). But that "benefit" is really a detriment because having Defensive Stance means that our Survivors who have that Trait don't have a Trait that is actually useful.

My suggestion:
1. Remove Defensive Stance from any new Survivor Calls.
2. Replace Defensive Stance for current Survivors with Vigilant.
3. If a current Survivor has both Defensive Stance and Vigilant, replace Defensive Stance with a random Trait.

Looking at all my Survivors who had Defensive Stance added as my random Trait sickens me, and I will never spend any $ on any Radios (or anything else other than a possible gas booster) while the chance for this Trait still exists.



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    FUCK Defensive Stance. It's garbage!! Only 1 of my range survivors got Sure Shot but the rest all f'n got Defnesive Stance smfh.
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    Defensive stance is the worst in the new pool of mediocre traits that are only useful in a narrow set of circumstances. Does NG have something to gain by diluting the trait pool with garbage under a new system that allows us to unlock additional traits as we promote at great personal expense of time/money?
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    It might work on a survivor that you want to use a bait
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    Yes please eliminate defensive stance , it is not valid for any situation in any type of combat in this game over the other traits , if Norman rheedus played this game and realized defensive trait was his coveted 5th trait , I'm sure he would not be happy lol .. many of our old survivors before the token patch's potential were ruined by this trait. Honestly I hate to say this , but I'd rather have the wrestler trait on a survivor than defensive stance.. it's that bad.

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    double post
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    the added traits are ALL intended to screw up the percentages of getting what you want/need. period. 15 radios=nothing, 8 tokens. 15 more radios=8 more tokens. damn, outta radios, go to shop, buy a bundle. rinse-repeat. NG is milking us peeps. period. we didn't need ANY of these new garbage traits. they just watered down an already impossibly low percentage of getting anything useful. as if Legendary weapons weren't hard enough to pull, and have even useful traits, they add bullshit traits to weps to make us spend even more money. shame on NG. I call foul. my wallet is closed and I literally play for my guild who have closed their wallets as well.
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    all about that RNG. just isn't as random as NG pretends it to be.
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    Let's start a riot!
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