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Check this out

I never tapped out all my replays. Cool find! @SlickRick



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    I received 820 tokens on log in, which I assume is equivelant to what you'd get if you started at episode one and caught up to me.

    Episodes 1-13 are all completed on Nighmare and Episode 14 is completed through Hard.
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    @SmittY That's great, but it seems that players and guilds that are at the highest level are not reaping those rewards. Also, they reduced the damage to my level 19 legendary players and level 22 weapons, so now it's even more. Difficult to complete a mission. My camp is at its max until the next counsel. So people like me are mostly stuck using phones. But excellent that you are Getting those rewards!
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    You mean the Daryl tokens we all got free?

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    This is what I have completed. Now that my weapons are less powerful, I don't think I'll get much farther.

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    I play the game on 2 separate devices and on 1 of them I received very few Darryl tokens compared to the other. Radio tent and council level differ by only 1 level. I can't figure out this token system besides NG wanting radio purchases for upgrades. I did get a Jesus with a 15 call but after 45 more radios I got a big ZERO! It will take me a yr to promote Darryl to epic on 1 of the 2 devices and hopes for Jesus looks bad as well, Lol!
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    Right here in this thread (and others) it is explained how and why people got the number of Daryl tokens that they received. Keep doing your story missions to get the rest of the Daryl tokens the easy/easier way.
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    I would think that would make sense but the player that is on episode 10 was epic day 1, my episode 11 player that is 1 level higher is still 46 points from epic and I have gone thru the all the hard and nightmare episodes that I can clear. Personally, I think its random or I'm being punished for not buying radios, lol ;)
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