Just a few more hours

And NG will come on here saying that they're sorry for the misunderstanding and miscommunication but they're looking into righting all the wrongs. As a token of good faith they'll try to buy our happiness with 10 tokens of your favorite hero and 10,000 xp to help level them up.
And they'll mention they have no control over the YouTube video content.


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    Visual error my A$$
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    You think there will be "compensation"!?! HaHa! Sorry B but I think you are only half right about this one. LMFAO!
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    @DarkFae I know not to expect anything from them. I've sent in several tickets that have taught me as much. But I was trying to think like them, " how can we quiet the masses and sweep this under the rug"?
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    If you were thinking like them you wouldn't have admitted there was a flaw in your logic ;)
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    This is going to get very interesting
  • @DarkFae I never said I was smart......Or evil.
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    I'm gonna be shocked if they say anything at all
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  • @TheDarkSoda they'll say something for the sheer fact there is numerous complaints on all types of social media. They may put a spin on it but they'll say something
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    Try and keep things constructive and optimistic!! I was let down enormously and let my opinion be known in the past and held on and was pleasantly surprised with an update!

    Currently on a spend freeze!!!
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    If NG were really trying to sweep it under the carpet, this thread would be locked and hidden. Players complaining account banned etc.

    None of that happens.

    Suggestion: Go play the game. Instead of refreshing the page over and over again to seek confirmation of your own complaints.
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    We should have created a response pool!
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    @Teeceezy jest replied on another thread (can't train outpost survivors) 5 min. ago.
    So, SOMEONE is here, lurking in the dark...
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    You got 2 Daryl tokens? I'm soooo jelly >:)
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    @Teeceezy jest replied on another thread (can't train outpost survivors) 5 min. ago.

    So, SOMEONE is here, lurking in the dark...

    Not in the dark - actually quite visibly!

    Seeing as this thread doesn't address any particular issue in-game or on the forums, I'm going to close it. We are however addressing issues case-by-case so please do read the threads about them!
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