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    That's definitely a good point @Pig. Maybe we can collaborate on something like that soon. :)
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    @darkfae true enough but when the kid talks the parent into the 49$ radio bundle and ends up with 0 tokens for what ever hero they wanted they won't understand and be upset and with good reason for 49$ they should get a maxed legendary hero with choice of traits and weapon of there choice . And most likely that's what kids are I'll expect and the parents that paid that SURELY WILL so what a let down for the kid when reality happens and now parents gonna be pissed well you get what I'm saying.
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    I'd say the chances of that are 50/50. Most kids don't know the value of money and if the game grabs there interest enough they will be silly enough to believe it was just bad luck and keep trying for quite a while. It's only through experience that most folks start to understand the different between having an unlucky run and having the deck stacked against you.
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    One good thing has come of this:

    The slight friction there was between the content creators and the rest of the forum is gone. Everybody here rallied behind the content creators when we felt the push from the outside.
    I'm lost.

    Check out the DMZ guild. We're recruiting. Here.
  • Why are we discussing kids when it's a 17+ rated game.
    And at no time should any company condone the use of foul language when promoting their product.
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    Lol that's very true and you have a valid point B, but you know their are people under 17 in this forum and playing the game :)
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    Ok then time to adjust my gameplay...

    1. Bring low level survivors
    2. Put them next to Tank walkers and see what happens
    3. Spend 5 minutes looking for the exit in each mission.
    4. Think wisely which crate to open first.
    5. Don't use charged abilities

    Expect the video featured in game in no time


    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel:
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    bgbelden said:

    @painclasher And exit your survivors in the circle rectangle

    Need to first of all locate the crates :)

    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel:
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    @painclasher Don't forget #6 and #7
    Grow a pair of Boobies
    Wear "Gamer Girl" Glasses.
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    Don't forget that the 1st turn of struggle for your survivor means your survivor died so just stop playing and start cursing and complaning. Even when you have another survivor (who is not in struggle yet) standing right next them him or her.
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