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    Well I'll keep bumping this post till I get an answer (or banned). We DESERVE an answer.

    No, you dont deserve an answer. You may ask for an answer though.
    LightfeetCanadianMike[Deleted User]Annette578[Deleted User]
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    DarkFae said:

    +1 @TheDarkSoda
    even for a game that they claim is "still under development".

    It's version 2.0, they can drop that excuse now.
    [Deleted User]Annette578
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    DarkFae said:

    If ngo wants to take money from people (even for a game that they claim is "still under development")

    I'd much rather pay for a game that is getting updated, than one which is not.
    Gonkistan said:

    It's version 2.0, they can drop that excuse now.

    Development should stop at version 2.0?
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    edited July 2016

    No development should not end there. The hiding behind the "this is just a prototype so expect a few unforeseen side-effects to result from our tinkering" excuse should not be taking place anymore though because by 2.0 ngo should be able to produce a stable version of the game for everyone's enjoyment. They should also be able to tinker without causing so many catastrophes as well.


    Also I really wish they would hire you back because all of the playing around with the contrast and/or adding so much clarity to the splash screen when you open the game and a few other places is making the game look completely atrocious. When you were there you were willing to dial those setting down to where looking at the game on my Tab (which is high-def) doesn't literally hurt my eyes. If they are going to continue changing the art work please ask them for me to invest in the Adobe line of products (it is an industry standard for a reason) and hire you back so the game can go back to looking at least interesting instead of horrible.
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  • @DarkFae they'll say whatever. They're right we're wrong. Especially since they already have our money.
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    That pretty much sums up what I was told when I asked them directly for my money back. They tried to be more polite about it but that sums it up.
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    Maybe not cut and paste but it's still corporate-speak blah, blah, blah, trying to placate an angry mob. There is not so much passion for the game being displayed here as there is hatred for the morons around the boardroom table and the insults they have dished up to your previously loyal customers. Wallets are slamming shut around the world, game ratings are being dropped to 1-star, and people are getting their money back from you through the Apple Store. Your tacit acknowledgement of our outrage means nothing until some considerable changes are made not only to the plethora of bugs but to the overall mindset that we are malleable and predictable sheep who will lay down, wallets open, and allow ourselves to be rear-ended by your unbelievably heinous greed.

    Passion? There is MY passion. It certainly isn't for the game anymore, and you have only yourselves to blame.
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    No. That the phrasing actually entered your minds, much less was actually posted, is the crux of the matter. Combine that with the galling cost of buying a "chance" and your actions speak just as loudly as your words. There's no walking this one back. Survivors and their weapons needs to go back to pre-1.9 and the algorithms fixed. There's no placating around this.
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    Unfortunately that's not going to happen @GreenBalloon.
  • VudnikVudnik Member Posts: 307
    Yes, unfortunately for NG.
  • @Teeceezy We all gear what you're saying, but in all walks of life, actions speak louder than words. And there is no action being taken by NG which speaks volumes.
    Annette578[Deleted User]
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    @Teeceezy Why not? That's when all the time/effort/GRINDING/cash spent was negated by a random decision because "some people complained hunters were too powerful". The majority was ignored, but "'some people" were placated. Basically, that's where the train jumped the tracks.
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    First time poster, long time lurker. I'm in a union at work and I get solidarity. I have stopped spending money entirely. I guess my LTV is a moderate one. I like to buy several boosters a week and I buy several packages as they come up, no more. It's hard not to watch the videos for some free extra crates though. I'll do what it takes to help the community be heard.
    Annette578Lightfeet[Deleted User]
  • @Bonz I caught myself twice going to click on the videos for crates. Its second nature. At least it was.
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    Thanks @DIblis, message heard loud and clear.
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    Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...
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    DIblis said:

    Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...

    Don't hold your breath. :)
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