Finnish Monday finished?



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    @Teeceezy Well I do appreciate you taking time to reply to this thread but I also feel like you (NG Staff) are sort of ignoring the frustration forum users have been expressing. The token system, the damage nerf (yeah the "visual or graphical" thingie), radio abundance or lack of it and so on. Seems to me many will drop the game, even more will play more casual, some are asking for refunds and the feel I get is that you are not addressing any of these issues or reactions. Well, perhaps it will go away on it's own... or not!

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    @amiga Just because it wasn't in the notes doesn't mean anything plus you can always take a scout in a mission and count the spaces he moves. You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day or teach him how to fish and feed him for life. It's pretty obvious that the scout has the greatest range of movement.

    I never said you don't have to care about the tents what I said was I don't care about the tents right now and whether they do anything with their production. You seem very upset about the XP and the fact that you can't auto farm anymore but I also saw you write that you are just casually playing the game only 3 or 4 times a day when your tank is full.

    To me it's much more important that they address the outrageous token economy both hero and class than to worry about buffing the tents especially since they just increased the amount of XP for kills by 300% or something close to that. For those who spend money on the game who wants to spend hundred of dollars to level a hero to a useful point and do that for 8 heroes. If you don't spend money on the game do you really want to be left behind as someone spends hundreds of dollars to level up heros to unlock their traits and go to blue or gold and change survivors from 5 stars to 10 stars?

    If NG were a hospital and no man's land was the patient I hope that the trIage nurse realizes that the token economy is the more pressing issue that is going to kill the patient faster than anything else right now and not the XP production by tents. The production of tents lol.

    That's my opinion and it is what it is and I don't care if you agree or not. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean my opinion has less value than your opinion. Have a nice day.
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    I don't have a time to argue with you. We all have different POV.
    And Yes - I hit 2nd place in my Country and now I'm casual player :) because I lost motivation.
    Stay safe!
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    Wow that was a fast response were you waiting on me lol. Seems some people just like to have the last word. Please respect the fact that others will not always share the same opinion you may have on a subject and just because they don't agree with you doesn't mean it's necessary to argue with them or that their opinion is wrong or their opinion has no value.
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    I don't care about last word :) I don't know if you noticed by now my forum activity is really rare... so better to avoid discussion with me coz I'm not good companion anymore :p
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    No I have not noticed your activity on the forum is rare at all because I always see posts from you about the same thing everyday.

    We need to get back on topic which is Finnish Mondat unless you need to get in one last word.
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    @Japes87 How did you calculate the alleged 1 Million XP?
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    I believe it was a guildmate that mentioned the total it should have been at level 30 recc.. , it was a lot. Bit over a million iirc. . I'll try and check tomorrow to see if I can get a better estimate of the exact amount
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    Even for me, calculating the worst case of achieving every time 3 stars (which I didn't, most of the time where 2 stars)
    and only the stars from level 30 upwards I came over 600k XP. Imagine all the GOLD($$) used to heal those survivors after each 30min was ridiciuolous.

    "The Manager set the rules for the 50k XP compensation" was the answer I got after complaining again - as everybody else I guess.

    Remember to use your charge abilities
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    @Papacas We absolutely do care about you guys and your frustrations been taken seriously. We’ve received lots of feedback, and are currently discussing options regarding the token availability. We also addressed the situation with the Silenced trait - that was our bad, and we’re sorry it wasn’t communicated.

    The radio drop rates haven’t been changed, but I hear your plight for more radios! We’re collecting feedback to discuss, so thanks again for all your thoughts.

    @TheMurphy Thanks for your thoughts on the xp, story mission replays, token rewards, as well as the tip on device language change; check!
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    The radio drop rates haven’t been changed...

    If you would take care of us, you would first stop to lying on us...

    And by the way...there are a few more points then the insane token system and a nerfed silence trait...
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    You may have been told the Radio Drops haven't changed... but believe us when we tell you.. They Have!!
    I have never gonna whole day with only getting 1 Radio! That was Sunday. Yesterday I got 2!
    I'm not expecting a 100 Radios a day.. but 1 or 2 is not the usual here!!
    There Are No Such Things As Stupid Questions.!!
    There Are However.. Plenty of Stupid Answers!!

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    @Shadowkeeper hey there. First of all, thanks for caring and paying attention to our feedback.

    Second, perhaps I did not express myself correctely about radios, even because English is not my native language. I did not mean radio drops lowered. What I did mean was that with so make different hero and survivor tokens, and the rise in survivor upgrade costs (at least from epic to legendary), radios availabily should be adjusted. Upgrading say a hero to legendary without paying lots of cash will take a year or so.

    Lastly, I wish you luck trying to please the community. I for once would hate if the game would lose its interest. Cheers
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    Papacas said:

    Upgrading say a hero to legendary without paying lots of cash will take a year or so.

    That's not a bug....that's a feature...
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