1000MILES1000MILES Member Posts: 2

I just wanted to know if there's a list of all survivors that are currently obtainable because to be honest when it come to game that require collecting characters I like to hunt for it individually. Honestly thought so far ALL survivors look like GRANYs old and ugly faces specially female I might as well be collecting zombie crew


  • CanadianMikeCanadianMike Member Posts: 202
    There are no fixed survivors. Faces and names are given randomly. So no need to collect.
  • 1000MILES1000MILES Member Posts: 2
    Are you sure there are no fixed survivors because there is one survivors I had and deleted and I got her again. Female name Kristen class scout and Rachel who looks like drug addict wearing purple t-shirt and brown pants.

    Never mind it's no big deal I'll just save up gold to get Carol Wolf custom it have a hood and mask.
  • CanadianMikeCanadianMike Member Posts: 202
    Yes I'm sure. It's all random :)
  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    Heh it's not Pokemon, the survivors traits, class, starting names (which you can change) and pics can be different.

    Besides catching Pokemon is free, here your paying radios. Even high level Pokeballs are obtainable MUCH more frequently than radios are.
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