Update on Post Purchase Pistol Nerfing (PPPN) - Official Response from NG - Refund Or XP Available



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    edited July 2016
    It's called theft by deception and it's actually a federal crime.. The token equivalents to the minimal radio calls is also theft by deception beings they advertise the minimum and sell radio bundles..
    This is a lot bigger deal than they would like anyone to think..

    Buying gas boosters to grind for phones.. Etc..

    They have become the equivalent to scam artists..

    And anyone who believes that they don't know if traits aren't working, radio % dropped etc. .. are nieve..

    Theft by deception is a huge crime in the United States.. Not sure about Finland
  • ShadowkeeperShadowkeeper Member Posts: 77
    You concerns have been heard. This was our bad, and we're sorry about this!
  • mongo911mongo911 Member Posts: 939
    Theft by deception... Is not negated, by intent...

    NextGames, do you understand these two concepts...

    @Shadowkeeper, do you understand them...
    @Teeceezy, do you understand them...

    The level of anger, on the Board, is more than palpable...

    Do you understand... Huh...
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

  • DaleDale Member Posts: 1,122
    murph0228 said:

    You really do think we are idiots don't you?

    My theory: They think we are addicts who will swallow whatever they throw our way.

  • DIblisDIblis Member Posts: 728
    And what bs, the silencer would work too well, its a silencer! It doesnt effect pvp and cant work better than a melee weapon which never creates a threat. Silencers arent meant to be occasional mufflers.
    In real life they work more effectively than ng's piss poor excuses and explanations. If something needs to be nerfed less than a month after implementation because of a new change then what planning is being done? Testing? Anything apart from what happens if i pull this string?
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  • TroubleManTroubleMan Member Posts: 423
    @Dlblis I agree...still waiting for an official sticky...but I'm not holding my breath. Feel free to join the "No Spend Cash" movement and change your profile pic until this debacle is resolved.
  • TroubleManTroubleMan Member Posts: 423
    Well the official statement is out. I'm just curious, how many folks have requested compensation for the PPPN?
  • TroubleManTroubleMan Member Posts: 423
    Any folks get refunds through the NG process?
  • Japes87Japes87 Member Posts: 1,399
    Still waiting on their response to Blind spot glitch from over a week ago , before I am able to make a new ticket.. I think many are in the same boat @TroubleMan
  • MizTyMizTy Member Posts: 1,335
    I'm waiting on Blind Spot trouble ticket as well

  • InvaderInvader Member Posts: 2,066
    murph0228 said:

    Over a million I assume..

    Actually it´s been over 5 million downloads...so the picture is getting even bigger :D
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