What constitutes fraud?

Fraud is a broad term that refers to a variety of offenses involving dishonesty or "fraudulent acts". In essence, fraud is the intentional deception of a person or entity by another made for monetary or personal gain.
While the exact wording of fraud charges varies among state and federal laws. the essential elements needed to prove a fraud claim in general include: (1) a misrepresentation of a material fact; (2) by a person or entity who knows or believes it to be false; (3) to a person or entity who justifiably relies on the misrepresentation; and (4) actual injury or loss resulting from his or her reliance. I have to wonder if selling an item advertised as having certain attributes, but in fact having lesser attributes, only discernable after purchase, would fall under the above definition.
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    I imagine that depends on the jurisdiction.
  • I received the following in response to a help ticket. It would be too powerful? Really? Unsatisfactory! Hi Survivor Muffin,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    The silenced trait was indeed changed. The reason being, if you could combine that with Daryl’s Silent Shot as a leader trait, it would be too powerful.

    This change should have definitely been communicated well beforehand and we apologise for the trouble this has caused!

    As some of our players have recently bought a bundle with a weapon that has the Silenced trait, we understand that it might no longer be the one that you wanted and I’d be happy to help you sort this out.

    Since you have bought a bundle with the Silenced trait after the trait was introduced on June 28th, I would kindly ask you to send me a screenshot of the purchase receipt (with the GPA visible) as well as the weapon in question. After this we can either compensate you with full XP or issue you a refund.

    Let me know which option you would prefer.

    Thanks for your understanding and apologies once again for the inconvenience!
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    Is that a copy and paste job from the post one of the mods put in the thread?
  • @murph0228 I believe that's from NG customer service directly to @Muffin
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    Official update thread.. (stickied at top) page 16, the moderator quote

    Shadowkeeper Moderator, Staff
    July 26 edited July 26
    @Ruthless & anyone who asked about the Silenced trait.

    The Silenced trait was indeed changed. The reason being, if you could combine that with Daryl's Silent Shot as a leader trait, it would be too powerful.

    However, seeing as some of you bought a bundle with a weapon that has the Silenced trait, and that trait is now changed, we know that the weapon might no longer be the one that you wanted.

    The trait was introduced in our update on June 28th. If you have bought a bundle with the Silenced trait since then, you can either contact our game support with the hashtag #silenced, attach a receipt of your purchase as well as a screenshot of the weapon in question, and we will compensate you with xp. Or if you want a refund, you can either contact us or Google Play to get it - unfortunately Apple users should contact Apple directly, as we can't handle Apple refunds.

    This should have been communicated beforehand; sorry for the inconvenience
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    It not a copy paste job.. Cookie cutter.. But at least they are responding
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    I had a conversation with @eetu wherein I brought up the issue of fraud before back when he was still a member of staff and was treated like I was nothing more than a troll. Why ngo as a company would put a line in their TOU's that was meant to cover their asses and then go on to ignore how they were making their customers feel by doubling down and doing something even more blatantly obvious like selling rick's pistol and then nerfing it a week latter with the 2,0 update I can't imagine other than to think maybe ngo thinks they can do whatever they want and that includes fraud because no one can stop them. Making sweeping blanket statement is not going to be enough to fix this. Giving out small "token" rewards will not placate this community. And opening shadowed thread just to pick fights with individuals because they as a company did something that was not only stupid but was also nasty (as well as predatory) will not solve anything. This time in order to fix this next games oy will need to do alot more.
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    I agree 100%
    Bullies lose in the end! Stay Strong fellow teammates! United we stand! ;)
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    Maybe there's no consumer protection laws in Finland (i bet the EU does) but the U.S. customers are buying through iTunes accounts that fall under the auspices of U.S. code and codes of the states in which iTunes/Apple does business (which is all 50 states). This is how it's not hard to get refunds as long as you know how (for any merchant selling legally in the U.S.) - but it's not the WHY. The "why" is because of our litigious business culture like it or not. Also, AMC Networks is a public U.S. corporation, with a board of directors, so that gives avenues of communication and recourse that most don't realize.

    And in this age of instant access to ubiquitous media, consumers can have a voice even if they don't have the money to fight.

    Back from 2016 :p
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    This is what we're doing about it
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