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I’m a relative nobody in the forums, but I really loved playing this game and am continuing, for now; however, how much longer do you expect people like me to hold out as we witness shady business practices and too many things left unsettled? As it is now, I write this to emphasize that you have presently lost a potential whale of a customer.

I completely understand this is business and needs to find ways to make a profit, but you really shot yourselves in the foot with the token upgrade nonesense. It was bad enough with class specific tokens to upgrade your survivors, but the introduction of hero specific tokens that can only be used to unlock and upgrade respective heroes? That, along with the recent job posting debacle, only supports what a fellow member stated in saying “we’re not customers, we are just numbers to be manipulated.” Really, what I am a reading over and over again is NGO just saying, "hey loyal customers, eff you!!" *with the dev’s middle fingers raised high up in the air*

I recently saw zbot moderating a thread asking those who comment to be respectful towards the developers and staff, absolutely valid. However, where is the respect in return?? How respectful was it to silently (HA!) nerf Rick’s Pistol bundle? How respectful is it to leave update notes and changes up for interpretation with little to no explanation? Or even vague explanation buried in pages and pages of thread posts. Respect begets mutual respect in return. This is also not transparency, which is what the customers absolutely deserve.

Staff and mods are really only doing basic crowd and damage control. Better than no word at all, maybe? Who knows. “We’re looking into it.” “Your suggestions and thoughts are being heard.” “Future update maybe this, future update maybe that.” “We’re sorry you found out we are performing unethical business practices, this is what YOU can do.” Ultimately, all I am seeing them say over and over again are all the things we want to hear at face value, but you’re really doing very little about it. These are simple brush-offs with (again) no transparency. Actions speak louder than words.

Where is the, “We’re very sorry, this is what WE will do to right our wrongs…” “Yes, this and that are not working right, we will be fixing these for you and releasing a new update at [specific date].” Much, much sooner rather than later is what the customers expect and are OWED. Not only that, restitution AND compensation for damage done. Yes NGO, damage has been done to the customers. Yet, they really want us to hang around with all these uncertainties how/if/when things will change? As the forums settle, the NML user base will slowly fizzle as things are left unchanged.

As much as I don’t want to make suggestions that won’t actually matter, here’s some things that I wanted to mention:

• NGO, changes are not always good. The nice thing with your updates and changes is you can always change things back! Take Rick’s pistol, I don’t see any problem with it being able to silence much more often than not… as someone else said, that’s exactly the purpose of a silencer. So change it back! I only bought the bundle because that trait as a gold trait looked really appealing. Yes, having a customer ask for a refund is valid, but why not simply just FIX it and keep your money, so players can gain back some trust you and be happier once again?

• With the sad reality that tokens are here to stay, I think people would be much more likely to spend money if the tokens were universal. Not hero specific and not even class specific, just make it plain and simple. You can reject/retire survivors for universal upgrade tokens to be used at your discretion for any survivor. That would even make upgrading heroes from 1* (which is absurd, as it is) to legendary tangible and real. Heaven forbid someone want to actually get their hero up to a 10* level! Why not even make a 1* hero (*shudder* I really hate saying that) unlockable by completing missions and what-not?

• This change has already been suggested plenty, but needs to be reiterated -- Get rid of frivolous, unnecessary traits like bullet dodge and defensive stance. You are unnecessarily complicating the game and these are just another thing the customers don’t want to waste money on!

• BE SPECIFIC! The cryptic and vague forum posting, along with vague, broad, and cryptic update notes only make your situation worse!

I hope that all the comments in the forum don’t get brushed aside and we actually get to see some results much sooner rather than later. Seeing that your customers have verbally voiced that you will see a massive reduction in revenue, I hope that this will expedite the change/update process. With little to no transparency, your updates have become a joke, but they don’t have to be. NGO, show your respect to those who have supported you thus far by making the changes. If you properly fix your mistakes, you will keep me as a player and may even earn me back as a paying customer.
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  • Annette578Annette578 Member Posts: 482
    Well said indeed! I raise my cup to you! Here Here ! <3
    mcbkhicks[Deleted User]Aetherhole
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    A lot of times when companies don't address a issue, it's because it is a " Lose / Lose " situation... And the best way isn't clear...

    The absolute stupid part is, getting into this situation...

    ( unless we have been expendable Beta testers... ).
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    @Aetherhole, you have very eloquently stated what many of us have tried to say! Bravo!

    Are all of you at NG really this thick? Stop offering tuppance! @Teeceezy & @Shadowkeeper ?
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    Very well put together!
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    Yeah, what he said
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