Ready to pull the plug.

I've been here since day 1 and moved up to level 53 but I think I've reached the end of the line. The money grap via radios, the crazy dodges in Outposts (had one outpost with 6 straight as well as so many other things noted by all of you has left me frustrated. I played this for fun but now it's a chore and there are much more enjoyable things I could do with my time.

To all of you, best wishes. You have been a very supportive community and some have be come friends over the past year.

God bless
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    I think it very clear that 2.0 just might be a coffin nail for NML unless ngo does something really grand to win the favor of it's player base back. I'm thinking it might even take a series of things actually.
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    Bottom line if you quit NG wins!
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    Don't play; just harvest. If things improve, you'll be ready to go. If not, all you've lost is a few seconds of your time.

    It's nice, actually, to not care if the gas tank is full. So what if it is? Life goes on.
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    bye. Can i have your stuff?
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