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    You mean all the ones that showed up the last two days?
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    Never watch it, not a fan. 5 stars though. Lazy interns.
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    I know in the google store you can mark them as spam and away they go...
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    Just made a new review with 1 star...I hope more do the same!
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    My email that I sent to AMC on Saturday has only produced the sounds of crickets chirping!
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    REALLY gonna try and make this brief (after reading back... Oops, didn't happen!). I've taken a few days out of the game and this forum to regroup and settle down because I'm so upset. As a result I saw a clearer view of NG's bigger intensions.
    1) while NG may yet have grander and greedier ideas I'm sure they have positioned themselves, at this very point, to where they want to be.
    2) from last fall until now we have all been beta testers, living the "life of Riley" as we collected all kinds of beneficial drops, all the while giving them bug reports so they can fine-tune the game. Then they started trimming back everything, honing their in-game revenue streams and finding a different focus for their income.
    3) we old-timers showed them how much money they can make but over 800 million Euros for the company to date hasn't been enough. They are paying SO much to AMC and the 3 or 4 other investing companies that they need to make a pile more cash, otherwise we'd be seeing them on on a yacht on their Facebook page instead of crowding a barbecue!
    4) with six in-game currencies, ridiculously low drop rates on everything (based on our considerable experience, most especially the radios - their golden eggs), eight new survivors (heroes), they have gone from a small Charlottes's web of intricacies to a multi-layered Black Widows web, intended solely on taking your/our/my money. I pity the newcomers to this game. They will be faced with a daunting challenge of patience and bankruptcy just to simply feel any sense of accomplishment. We felt the "fun," they will not.
    5) those horrendous YouTube videos are crappy by design, intended to invite the very young to the game and are, at root, advertisements. If you were NG would you want me, with my mostly maxed-out survivors, maxed-out camp, maxed-out outpost, showing you how to storm through everything with ease?, or would you show a neophyte, making all kind of mistakes, as a newbie would, to draw them in, making them feel like they can do it all? And they cater to the youth of today, allowing all kinds of verbal smut, because that's supposed to be "cool."
    6) while I've done everything I possibly can to try and help you all to let this company know that they are without respect for our feelings and our monetary resources, the fallout from last weekend's inferno in this forum was what I expected. They schluff off any innuendo of coercion, the "bigger picture", as though we are ignorant, claiming no intent or history of declining customer experience, but state that they are immediately attending to bug reports and are considering numerous gameplay changes.
    7) what they want: 800 million euros isn't enough when they have aspirations akin to Candy Crush or Clash of Clans, well into the billions on a yearly basis.

    Bottom line: stay safe (what they say every time you initiate a ticket with support). That means keep your hard earned money in your wallet. Let them know that you are dissatisfied and find other avenues of expression (a viral Facebook wave would surely do the trick). It may sound like crickets are chirping and seem like we are all pissing in the wind but nothing in this world will change unless we announce our discontent, our unity and our passion.

    Stay Calm and, for NG, let's all drop a bomb! (No, moderators, I'm not going to actually deliver a bomb, I'm not being toxic (you want me to be toxic?), it was intended to be poetic! Please don't ban me... Heaven only knows what rules you will bend to stifle this freedom of speech, if this actually stays in the forum!
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    Vudnik said:

    over 800 million Euros for the company to date

    Where did you get that number?
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    grammar: the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit
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    i812many said:
    Ok, I suppose you did 22k * 365, which is 8 mil.. wweelll, what's a factor of 100 between friends :)
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    2, 4, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50
    grammar: the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit
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    eetu said:

    Vudnik said:

    over 800 million Euros for the company to date

    Where did you get that number?
    It was from a press release I read from a link included in another forum thread here. It was something like 828 or 838 million for the company, to date, including Compass Point: West. Nowhere did I say it was specifically from NML revenue alone. Perhaps it was gross revenue before licensing payouts. If this number is wrong then it's not my fault.

    Btw... Thx for the Fry pic. My grandson and I are watching Futurama right now!
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    Vudnik said:

    We can all pitch in further to show our discontent with NG. Following is my message to them, titled "Next Games is destroying the paying player base in Walking Dead: No Man's Land, as well as tarnishing your franchise image."

    To whom it may concern,

    While most of the Walking Dead viewers are merely just that, viewers, a great deal of them also play Walking Dead: No Man's Land, provided by Next Games. They came barrelling in about a year ago, provided an awesome game experience, for which a great many people spent more money than they normally would. Then began Next Games' most obvious, and regularly scheduled, foray into greed. As of the last release, 2.0, they have insulted and disenfranchised the majority of players, a vast number of which are actively refusing to pay any more money for anything, will not watch the advertisements, designed mostly for NG income and not player benefit, and to go a further step, we are also downgrading ratings to the lowest level in all avenues possible; Game Center, GooglePlay, etc.

    As it appears that greed and disrespect has run rampant at Next Games, and as it is known that your company profits directly from income derived from this online game, please be made aware that your revenues will see a marked decrease, starting immediately. If you doubt this claim then feel free to visit the General Discussion forum for this game. You will see displayed more than discontent, it is a shunning of the management tactics and a complete willingness by everyone to try and have their voice heard, as opposed to the company and/or site moderators efforts to reduce negative comment by threatening players and deleting threads, most likely because of the justified negativity expressed in the comments.

    If anything is going to be changed here, for everyone's benefit, then someone has to reel in Next Games, otherwise they will ultimately cause the loss of this revenue stream for you. A great deal of people have expressed their dismay at what Next Games may be doing to your Walking Dead franchise. We all love the show but just knowing that there is a green eyed monster feeding on its back can tarnish one's opinion of AMC.

    Please, read the discussion board. You will be amazed, and probably angry. Everyone else is.


    My thoughts exactly, thanks for providing email body to copy, paste and send AMC
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