Open Letter is Disappointing #wrongiswrong

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It appears they have every intention to continue fraud with changing items after you've paid for them with no appropriate compensation. Don't bring up Rick's Pistol, I am talking about any gear item purchased outright and the gold that was purchased to upgrade them.

This Open Letter says they hear us regarding game content and will work on it. What about the issue of changing the things we paid for after the fact? What is NG's refund policy? Is it No Refunds? Is it Buy at Your Own Risk? Maybe that should be spelled out in-game?

I will now take some time away from playing and use it to champion this issue. I will report back with ways you can help, without too much effort. I'm going to make that effort for you. This company, who on one hand says they appreciate us, yet with the other hand they have their fingers crossed behind their back. This company who would effectively steal from the very people that pays their salaries. Why? Because they can. So far, anyway. They know people can't be bothered until they are put out in a big way. Well, I don't care about the difference between a million little wrongs and one big wrong. Wrong is Wrong. It shows what they really care about....

Here are a few threads discussing it and threads of support:

(FYI - if I don't like a game's design & I'm not having fun I just delete and play another game. This is about paying customers getting taken for their money)
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    Check your PM's.
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    You deserve a round of applause! Thorough, precise and on point.
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    Very well said
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    My Summary of NG Statement:

    NG admitted:

    1. The token economy imbalance and promised "more ways" to receive tokens.

    2. Nerf of weapons in particular the Silenced trait without prior inforation to players specially those who purchased the items. Apologized for this but stressed they "reserve the rights to make balance changes in-game"

    3. problems like Xp tents, low level challenge mission and scarcity of official communication from NG to the players.

    My Comments of the NG statement:

    For Item Number 1:

    They did not specify what kind of "ways" to receive tokens though they already have plans. Not very transparent on this point. Also what these ways are might not be what the players wanted. They only addressed token economy problem for heroes, they did not mention TOKEN PROBLEMS FOR SURVIVORS which is the more important problem.

    For Item Number 2:

    They do have the rights as owner and developer but because there is selling and buying (they become not only developers but also business persons) Consumer Rights come in as a crucial factor. When I buy a product, I expect the features of the product to be there. TAKING AWAY PROMISED PRODUCT FEATURES AFTER THEY ARE SOLD may well constitute fraud (I am talking with my lawyer friends on this).

    Nothing was mentioned about the Nerf-ing in the past like the Nerf on Hunter Class and giving back value of time and money the players have spent developing the Hunters and their weapons should they choose not to use the new Hunter anymore. (After the Nerf on Hunters, I began developing and using Warriors).

    For Item Number 3:

    These are issues of rich and very high level players. The most immediate issues for us who are neither the former nor the latter is fixing fuel economy, fuel waiting time and fixing the very high cost of upgrading buildings, survivors and equipment.
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    For those that have purchased for example the Rick Bundle, it's important you read this message here:
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    @Teeceezy @MrCEO

    Here's my problem: I bought bundled bundles, equip bundles, etc. I don't even remember what all I bought. Tbh, I don't really want to know. I would feel ridiculous starting a trouble ticket for it.

    I don't want to have to take screen shots of my purchases to see whether NG made changes to the stuff i just bought under an umbrella term like game balancing. Those customer service people ask pesky questions like when, where, what & screen shots please. I want to be able to trust NG not to screw me.

    But if NG does screw me over in the middle of the night (because NG continues to feel this is an acceptable business practice), you (NG) should contact ME. Apparently you guys have a fancy customer stalking system, I'll bet it records financial transactions

    And this, MrCEO is why my wallet remains closed
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    Let's not forget the nerfing of bruisers and hunters (rifle range). $ and XPs were spent on those items, only to have their effectiveness downgraded in the name of balancing.
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    I feel whatcha saying @sborg , but the reality is that really was game balancing NG-style. I don't think their likely to change on that point :(
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    It would be fine if they didn't take people's money. People paid for those special features and NG committed fraud. Sue the F out of them. Let's get a new regime to take over this scandalous act.
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    That's the nature of most games with these types of purchase. Things get nerfed and things get buffed. No one threatens to sue riot every time they rebalance a champion they paid for in LoL.
    Don't get me wrong I don't think they went about it the right way. Capping some traits would have been a much better solution that way nothing is really nerfed you've just got an upper limit that avoids it being game breaking.
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    And another thing, as user ste was alluding to - this sort of thing does happen with many companies, which is why I posted above already about why they are so comfortable with doing it and getting away with it. These "app mills" as I refer to them, who are really scum of the software industry who churn out a new app/game every month and make money with a heavy marketing machine to sucker in and recycle the consumer-users. NG of course, isn't this type of company but they sure aren't the pillar of ethics with what they're doing.
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    I welcome any improvement in communication from NG and thank @Teeceezy for taking the time to write to us all.

    That said,at this point in the game they are just words on my screen. Actions always speak louder NG. Downgrading items bought with real money shouted very loudly how you see customers. If not illegal, it is most definitely,morraly wrong.

    Going forward I would urge NG to use the obvious passion we all share for the game in a way that is positive for all. Be modern,forward thinking, inventive. Not just the traditional maximum profit for minimum effort type business. Game design is one of the best platforms to showcase your abilities. You guys are talented,prove it. Inspire us!.

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    Completely agree. There were too many words wasted saying nothing. Absolutely a delay tactic on their part as they apparently expect this to all blow over shortly.

    As to their right to make changes within the game, there are rules as to how they're allowed to go about doing so. If they don't like the Developer TOS they agreed to with Apple, Google and whomever else, then they shouldn't have signed on the dotted line. They did, though. Time to be adults about it.
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    The majority's agenda:
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    sborg said:

    Let's not forget the nerfing of bruisers and hunters (rifle range). $ and XPs were spent on those items, only to have their effectiveness downgraded in the name of balancing.

    I really really really can't understand any universe where a hunter with a long rifle can't shoot further than a shooter with a handgun.
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    Taking away a step from them has been a pain, too. Having to go an extra turn just to hit the exit box is stupid. I notice the walkers, tanks and armored walkers don't have their steps hindered, in fact it seems they can pull out an extra 2-3 steps to bitch slap your survivor if they want.
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    Taking away a step from them has been a pain, too. Having to go an extra turn just to hit the exit box is stupid. I notice the walkers, tanks and armored walkers don't have their steps hindered, in fact it seems they can pull out an extra 2-3 steps to bitch slap your survivor if they want.

    I noticed that too. Screams of passive-aggressive from NG in the midst of the "wallet strike" as in "you don't like when we f*ck you up from the side? How about when we do it from the back?".

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    Dear God @GreenBalloon...

    The vividness of your statement, is wonderful...

    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    @mongo911 ~ Thank you very much. One always hopes to paint a picture... LOL!!!
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