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    When I first played this game there were many ahead of me. But by diligent play I clawed my way and now am in the main guild in Forsaken. I am not the top player by any means but I have managed to catch up and have level 19 survivors. I have been happy and have spent under 200 doing it. Now the new update comes out.
    1. How can a game be free to play if leveling up a character to 10 stars would take years without a cash input?

    My choice in playing a game has always been related to how well I can play in relation to how people can play whom spend lots of cash. Before the updates I had level 19 epics and legendaries. I could compete with anyone. Now there will be people with tons of heroes and characters above 5 stars. I have been cashing in radios and playing a great deal but haven't received enough of any class tokens to upgrade more than a single trait, and some classes no traits at all.

    So my next question would be:
    2. How long would it take the average non paying hardcore player to upgrade a single character from 5 star to ten star?

    And I will answer it for you. Well over a year of play. What does that mean? It means the last few updates were only catered towards people who spend tons of money and unbalances the game to the point where a free to play person cannot compete. Even with the cash level I am spending it would take well over a year. That's ridiculous.

    The best model for free to play has been World of tanks. It is slightly harder to advance but any non spending player can still compete at the top level.

    Look at your own data. The 2x XP and 24 hours gas have probably netted you quite a bit of money. I use these and feel like they are within the bounds of good taste. But the radio bundles make me laugh. If you spend 100 bucks on a game you should get more than the radio bundles give. You could spend 100 bucks and easily not get a legendary. How is that a sustainable model? 100 bucks on any game should unlock a legendary AND a hero. Or your drop rates are just too low. Which they are.

    3. Since all the revamping of the radio call system the drop rates of legendary and epic survivors have dropped. How much have they dropped?

    Be honest. I am not talking about the latest update. I am talking about the first time multiple survivors to choose from came about. I used to get high star players quite frequently. Now it seems all I get is rare at the maximum!
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    6. Marksman trait affects the Survivor damage output, not the weapon damage. So you are indeed correct, the issue is with wording. We're looking into changing it.

    Sorry, you've to be wrong here. The wording is correct, the implementation is wrong!?
    Currently Marksman is one of the most useless traits. For example: 2 Epic Hunters, 1 has Marksman 3 (10%), 2 has Marksman 4 (12%).
    The difference of 2% is about 12 dmg.

    Yes, 12 dmg in total.

    Since my old lvl 21 weapons do 830 dmg to a total of 1,444 (marksman 3) or 1,456 (marksman 4) - 12 is ridicolous low. :disappointed:

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    What's the point to use gold on gas or buy gass booster to go higher in challenge? we receive nothing for that. Being only on leaderboard isn't enough reason for me.
    We should get better benefits from spending money - yes it's the only way to get more than 350 stars. Rewards should be much much better for reaching such amount of stars. Give us something else not only TG. Make it worth to do it! @Teeceezy ? give us a better reason to climb up!
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    The bragging rights doesn't cut it any longer.
    Give us an incentive to continue to climb.
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