I like Next Games

While there's a valid cause to fight, I think things on the forum have gone too far with some very nasty posts recently. So I wanna add some balance.

First: I really love NML. Marvellous game. Let's not forget NG created that. Sure, they are helped by their TWD content rights but it would be a cool game even without the show.

Second: I don't think that NG is more evil than your average company. Sure, they operate in a capitalist world and want our money, but so does every single other company out there. And I'm actually inclined to think there is a fair share of idealist nerds at NG who really want to create something cool more than just fill their pockets. If they were after money, they would have become bankers rather than game designers.

Did they screw up? Yes, massively. Just to mention some from the past weeks (in the order of importance from my own perspective): the not-funny website job ads; the impossible hero token economy; the secret nerfing of the silencer; the embarrassing youtubers; and finally, one that hasn't been debated that much: when they introduced the extra levels of legendary traits they moved the goal posts too far at a time when there was too much change going on already.

Most of these problems could have been prevented if NG had stopped and thought longer about how players would react. And a lot of the negative fallout could have been prevented by a better and more pro-active communication strategy.

But it's a relatively small company that has been growing quickly and I think NG has been overwhelmed in the process. They are making it up as they go along.

That doesn't mean they shouldn't be held accountable for their screw-ups. And time will tell if they deserve the success that this game has brought them as well as the potential it still holds.
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    I would agree with you guys, @TheLostOnes and @jayz, but their silence speaks volumes. I hope something comes of this in a positive way, but I'm skeptical.
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    Best mobile game for me.
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    The Chosen One (err...TheLostOnes) has brought balance back to the Force. :smile:
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    @JayZ thank you for posting this! I couldn't agree more. I'm as happy as a post apocalyptic pistol packing kitten about those changes. And I'm grateful that I can refer to the release notes & find them there.

    But what scares me about ever buying equipment again is the attitude of it being my responsibility to take a ss of it, track it's damage, create some fancy charts proving it was nerfed, and then creating a trouble ticket to report my findings to customer service. That's not fun & that's not why I was playing the game. Now I find myself wondering if I should be tracking my healing times, verifying whether 10 min game time is in fact 10 min and wondering whether Betty somehow really did get fuglier overnight

    Is paranoia one of the stages of grief?
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    I too agree @TheLostOnes that the company itself isn't inherently 'evil', but I do find this particular business lacking general ethics, and respect for it's consumer.

    The lack of response, the lack of empathy for how the recent changes have negatively affected the paying customers experience (let alone the f2p players who now have about 500 years of grinding to do) and overall attitude have turned my positive feelings very dark.

    I don't want to sit down with the developers and have drinks after work etc. What I want to know is that when I spend money on the game my experience won't be tainted by fraud, theft of services, or a general attitude that I'm a number to be manipulated and toyed with.

    There are lots of mobil games out in the market place. And to some degree or another I've spent money on all of them that I have installed. Mostly it's to support the developers, because I do realize that excellent mobile games cost real money to develop and maintain.

    What I have NEVER felt from any of those other games/developers is a sense of entitlement (we made the damn game-now suck it when we change everything on you). A total lack of ethics (sure....we sold you content then in 7 days totally changed it...but remember it's in the TOS, so too bad!).

    And lastly anything other than lip service when responding directly to the crisis.

    In those regards NG has really made itself stand out among it's peers. It's business model should be taught in business schools as a 'worst practice' and how to avoid many of the above missteps.
  • TheLostOnesTheLostOnes Member Posts: 3,032
    If I should continue to speak in NG's defense (which I must admit feels a little bit weird) then there may also a bit of 'boy who cried wolf' syndrom here.

    There have always been people on this forum who have screamed abuse about every little small change, tagging the mods in almost all their posts demanding changes.

    This has probably numbed the mods, as well as the developers, and may have created the view at NG that the community is drama queen who's never happy no matter what.

    Obviously, it's ultimately NG's responsibility to look beyond the screamers, but I can imagine it's a tough task.
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  • TroubleManTroubleMan Member Posts: 423
    @TheLostOnes , the response to customer complaints shouldn't be a total loss of ethical behavior. It's like suggesting it's ok for a line cook to spit on a customers food because they sent it back with a complaint.

    If the company is going to accept cash payments for services rendered, they should be prepared for blowback if they consistently render items less useful after selling 'bundles'.

    Perhaps we (customers) could be a bit less abrasive in comments...but the problem is that NG has now repeated their unethical behavior. It's now a pattern, not an accident.
  • TheLostOnesTheLostOnes Member Posts: 3,032
    @TroubleMan I wasn't talking about valid complaints as the ones we're seeing now. But rather to the massive tsunami of stupid repetitive posts over small things that we have seen in the forum's history.

    And also for the record: I don't think it's okay that the line cook spits in the food. My point is that it makes his job harder if almost all the dishes are sent back, even the ones that are okay. He still needs to do right, but it is a tiny bit more understandable if he overlooks something in the process or if it takes a long time to get your food. But in this case, the line cook did, as you say, also leave a nice gleek on the plate.
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  • eetueetu Member Posts: 637

    (sure....we sold you content then in 7 days totally changed it...but remember it's in the TOS, so too bad!).

    I think it's admirable that NG has never pointed to (or even mentioned) the TOS when responding to this or any of the previous issues.
  • TroubleManTroubleMan Member Posts: 423
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    @eetu that's not entirely true. In the open letter by Teeceezy it says "Another issue that has risen is the recent nerfing of the Silenced trait. We reserve the right to make balance changes in-game, and in this situation the Silenced trait stacking with Daryl's leader trait proved to be too much in order for gameplay to not be weighted in favour of players with that combination of traits.

    Any your very own post on July 28 clearly states what NG can do at their discretion at any time in the TOS. (http://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/comment/110697/#Comment_110697)

    What is admirable about NG not trotting out the TOS, or simply alluding to it? Is there really a difference?

    I fail to see your point exactly. BTW if anyone else would like to read all of the TOS it is located here: http://www.nextgames.com/terms-use/ Relevant section is (IV. Fees; Purchases; Virtual Items)
  • eetueetu Member Posts: 637

    Is there really a difference?

    I think there is a world of difference. The difference between bringing up the TOS and not bringing it up.
  • mongo911mongo911 Member Posts: 939
    I will explain to all the Board members how the " Finincial World " of NextGames is...

    They have had, $ 16 million in investment ( from external sources... How much internal investments, I don't know... )

    The first $ 6 million a year ago or so, allowed them to start developing the Software Game Engine ( used for Compass West, and " WD - NML " )

    How much more as spent/invested prior to October 2015, I don't give a fuk...

    So, October 2015 " WD - NML " game goes live...

    I know that I spent some money in Oct Nov Dec...

    The Game was evolving... ( some problems, some bugs, just a small amount of greed was preceived from NextGames )

    The Game was evolving... ( game play was fun and balanced... New things were being introduced... )

    NextGames had not introduced any of the Name Actors / Heros into the game...

    NextGames was allowed by AMC to introduce " Clothing and Weapons " of heroes, but not the " Heroes "... only a few pictures of them ( Daryl... Negan... )

    January 2016 the next level of this game begins...

    $ 10 Million investment by AMC / Lionsgate / and some friends Hedge Fund... For the game to have Heroes in the play...

    ( now this is where the problems for NextGames starts... )
    That 10 million contract investment, fucked NextGames...

    AMC / Lionsgate /etc... Get their investment money back, before NextGames gets enough money to operate...

    The AMC investment puts AMC owner of the " intellectual property " if NextGames fails...

    As we Board members feel fucked & used by NextGames...

    NextGames feels the same way now, from AMC...

    NextGames was intended to fail... AMC will take from a failed company the " Game / Game engine " to another Internet company ( and have a better Contract for AMC's benefit... )


    So back to the rest of 2016... Jan thru June, the game evolves...
    Big problems developing a workable game... NextGames greed is being screamed at...

    July 2016... Heroes finally make it into the game ( the $ 10 million investment, is finally being seen... )

    For this year, the Game has been losing players... and not gaining new players... at a rate that could give NextGames financial breathing room...

    This is why it appears that NextGames can't do anything, let alone anything right...

    They are frozen in place...

    AMC will be able to buy the Intelectual Property for half, to a quarter, of its value...

    ( the Investment Contract is not benevolent towards NextGames... If it were not so, NextGames would not have had to been so greedy... )

    NextGames is fucked... This is just business...

    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

  • tammytammy Member Posts: 1,716
    My biggest issue is that job ad...to learn they are watching me play

    If I wanna sit and play my game nekkid, I shouldn't have to worry about @eetu peeking in on me!!!

    Sheeeew @eetu !!!!

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  • TroubleManTroubleMan Member Posts: 423
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    eetu said:

    Is there really a difference?

    I think there is a world of difference. The difference between bringing up the TOS and not bringing it up.
    @eetu respectfully...I disagree. As I pointed out in an earlier thread; although the TOS gives NG the right to make in game changes on previously purchased items, it doesn't make it right.

    The fact that they haven't mentioned the TOS word for word is irrelevant to the discussion. The fact is that the TOS as written allows for such abuse, and that NG implicitly referenced said TOS in it's 'open letter'.

    I still fail to see your point. Are we to laud NG for using it's 'rights' as contained in the TOS w/out explicitly stating "Wherefore section IV. Fees; Purchases; Virtual Items - paragraph 4, sentence 1, we hereby reduce your previously purchased items traits and abilities by 50%. Pound sand...it's our reserved right. ?

    There is no difference. They are using the TOS as written. Just because they haven't had a parade down main-street, it doesn't make it any less harmful or egregious to the paying customer.
  • CanadianMikeCanadianMike Member Posts: 202
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    Second: I don't think that NG is more evil than your average company.

    It's not about being good or evil. It's all about how we as customers are being treated. And yes, concerning this aspect, they are doing a really really bad job. Most of the companies that actually "produce" something could not exist in a long term if this was their policy.

    Let them have their profit, they do deserve it since NML is (was) an awesome game. But NG has yet to learn that making profit AND to satisfy their customers don't have to be mutually exclusive.
  • DCBMETDCBMET Member Posts: 392
    I remember making a thread similar to this a few updates back. Very positive.
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