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I have 7 epic survivors all level 17 with which I play and a bunch (10) of losers between 8 and 12 which are not intended to be leveld up. Because I saved some hundred phones I did 6 calls with 15 phones. But all I got was rubbish. Only rare stuff (which is quite OK) but what was most annoying they all were capped to level 15/16. What the f....!
Does anbody has an imagination on what the max end level of the survivors is dependend on? Should I completely retire the bunch of losers to get surviors with a higher end level? What do you think?
Any comment is appreciated.


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    Hi mate
    Very hard to decide what to do with the forthcoming update
    I would be very tempted NOT to retire any right now until we see how it works , at the very least you should be able to get tokens for them later
    Not a great answer l know, but hope it helps a little
  • I would also wait as the retired survivors should directly be able to help upgrade other survivors. Retire them now and only get 2600 XP doesn't seem smart
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    i wouldnt retire any, on the contrary, i wod level them up if i have the exp. why? with the new update u will be able to retire survivors and the token point to use on ur best survivors. i assume the higher the lvl of retirement, the higher the tokens to get.
    in fact those losers can become ur new team, in the new uptade all survivors can become legendaries and have up to 5 trails. they will get trails randomly, so, a legenday u may have now with no "luck" trail when the 5th trail opens, is an auto retire, but a loser with the right trails, may be worth of upgrading.
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    I would also wait till release of update.

    The level of the survivors you get depends on level of radio tent. You should defenitely max it before burning all your radios! Max lv is 8 atm.
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    Thx for your comments, folks

    I just was wondering, why the survivors were all limited to a end level 15/16. Some times ago when I was using the radio tent I got survivors which could be promoted to level 18 (at that time my survivors were at level 15/16 and now having 7 men on level 17 all I got were these lame ducks!
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    Is your radio tent upgraded to its max? I had the same issue of getting not high leveling survivors a bit back. Then I changed my strategy and would only use radios after upgrading the radio tent. I replaced almost all of my survivors a few upgrades back that way. However, being as we're so close to the new update I'm with everyone else on saving them for tokens at this time.
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    My radio tent has been at max and I rarely receive legendary. Even during events. I spent $50 on phones and only ended up with Daryl. Lol. I love the game even if it doesn't make sense.
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    Upgrading Radio Tent does not increase chances of better rarity survivors. But it has been suggested that this be added since the Radio Tent doesn't add much benefit when upgraded.
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    Thats why I never spend a single penny.
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