episode 9 mission 6 Nighmare mode - Advice needed

tembeltembel Member Posts: 132
hey guys, i need some advice on episode "9 mission 6 Nighmare mode"
im trying again and again and again.... and just failing.
mission lets you choose 2 survivors.
i used these combinations :
2 shooters
1 shooter 1 hunter
1 hunter 1 warrior
1 warrior 1 scout
2 warriors

many of them are leg. some epic.
all of them are 15 levels.
each one have like 750- 800 damage and 850-900 hp.

but failing always in the middle of the misssion. not even close to finish.

the 17 level assault as reward , its on the wikia so somebody must passed this one before.
im ready to listen and try all advices.

thx for your help.

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